• Tafee Bowle Drinkwares side by side
  • Tafee Bowle Drinkware - 400 ml
  • Tafee Bowle Drinkware - 400ml close view
  • Tafee Bowle Drinkware - 250 ml
  • Tafee Bowle Drinkware - 250 ml close view

Tafée Bowle Drinkware

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Official Drinkware for the Tafée Bowle Vaporizer

This is an exact manufacturer replacement drinkware for the Tafée Bowle Vaporizer.

Drink AND vape!

Hydrate while you vape with the Tafée Bowle Drinkware! This cup slides snugly over the puck for inconspicuous vaping.

Make sure you have the correct stem

The 250ML Drinkware is made for the Short Stem, while the 400ML Drinkware is made for the Long Stem. The Long Stem technically works with the short drinkware, it just doesn’t look the part. Make sure you grab the right size for your stem.

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