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Tafée Bowle Vaporizer

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  • Instant heat up 
  • Included cup for your beverages 
  • Full convection vaporizer 
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
Regular price CAN$489.00
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Who’s the Tafée Bowle for?

The Tafée Bowle is for the person that wants consistent, efficient, high quality vapor from a familiar form that goes anywhere. Enjoy instant, potent, flavorful clouds alongside your favorite beverage.

A vape and cup in one!

Not only does the Tafée Bowle vaporize, it also serves as a Drinkware! Grab either the 250 mL (8.4 ounces) or 400 mL (13.5 ounces) Drinkware and enjoy a session with your morning tea or evening libation.

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"Many times I’d take a hit that felt too comfortable to have much impact, only to exhale a monster cloud. This is true on-demand, full-convection vapor at its finest, with all the taste and none of the waste!"

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Instant, on-demand heat up

This vape has one of the fastest heat up times on the market, with hits ready in less than two seconds! Just click the button, wait for the green light, and hit it!

Easy to use and share

Unlike other full convection portable vapes, the Bowle is simple and easy to use. Your friends will get great hits the first time when it’s time to share.

Vape at your own pace

Your herbs only cook as you inhale, and not in between hits. Take a few hits now, and finish up later in the day.

Top-notch flavor

The Tafée Bowle utilizes full convection heating and pure materials in beautiful fashion, with impressive, flavorful hits.

Comfortable vapor

The Tafée Bowle produces hits that rival the top names in the industry. The vapor is gentle and cool as the extended stem chills the vapor before reaching your lips.

Stirring optional

You can fully extract a pot without stirring, or finish it one hit sooner with a quick mix. The Bowle has a stir tool tucked away underneath the puck, but you may never use it.

Average battery

The Bowle chews through around four loads per charge, and fully charges in about an hour.

Great for small sippers and heavy hitters

The Tafée Bowle’s robust heater can keep up with all types of hitters. Whether you prefer slow, gentle draws or you’re here for the biggest hits, the Bowle can hold its own.

Two button control

Two buttons is all you need. Use the top button to power on/off and fire, and the bottom button to cycle through the four temperature settings.


The Tafée Bowle comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. As with all vaporizers bought from Planet of the Vapes, you’re also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Tafee Bowle Vaporizer Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Puck Base Unit and Stem (Tall or Short)
  • Drinkware
  • Potter+ Herb Shredder
  • Ceramic Oven Pots (4)
  • Two Mouthpieces (Extended and Flat)
  • Quick Charge USB Adapter
  • Charging Cable
  • Maintenance Kit - one wooden brush with a flat end, one metal brush
  • Quick Start Manual
Tafee Bowle Vaporizer Components Technical Spec

Technical specifications

  • Battery: Li-ion Polymer Cells 
  • Height: Short glass: 4.75” Tall glass: 5.7” 
  • Diameter: 2.8” 
  • Weight: 190g (puck only) 
  • Temperature range: Up to 240°C / 464°F 
  • Charging: One hour 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 6 Reviews
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Peter L.
Canada Canada
Great vaporizer overall

I have the following vaped; crafty, firefly 2+, sticky brick runt, various dynavap ms, ghost mv1, fury 2 boundless cfx and a few other novelties (lotus, mfl) .Yes I have a problem . With this in mind the Tafee bowl is my favourite overall. It is on demand, flavorful, easy to clean, hard hitting, never combusts and, with the stubby stem, it is fairly portable. Battery is adequate for my use pattern although we all like to have more. Yes it's costly but it is was well worth the investment.

hazel c.
Canada Canada
Simply the best

Better than all the rest :) among all on-demand vapes, I’ve used. The long metal tube cools down the air, makes it nice and smooth.

Jaclyn K.
United States United States
Simple & Wonderful

Love this vape. I was hesitant when I first saw it online, but I love on demand vapes and couldn’t resist. This does not disappoint. It’s easy. Efficient. The grinder is brilliant (I upgraded to the metal Potter). Very even and consistent, never any hot spots. Battery is it’s biggest downfall, but it lives on my desk next to my computer, so it’s not a big deal for me at this point. I’d love an updated type c charger and bigger battery on the next round - but not a deal breaker on this one.

Planet of the Vapes Tafée Bowle Vaporizer ReviewPlanet of the Vapes Tafée Bowle Vaporizer Review
United States United States
Can’t pull the trigger

I've had the Mighty for 5 years and I need a new vape because it’s completely falling apart. Lid held shut with rubber bands lol but I’m torn between this, the Terp torch and the Tiny Might ahhh Tory- Jerry help, please

Planet of the Vapes

Hi Thomas, Drop us a line here: https://www.planetofthevapes.com/pages/contact-us and I'll get this message over to Jerry for you. Awaiting your reply, Larry

United States United States
The First Must-Have Dry Herb Vape Since The Mighty

The Mighty was the first portable vaporizer that I ever owned, and I believe I bought it back in 2013 (ish). After a lot of research, I concluded that, if I wanted to get into vaping dry herb, that was the device to own, and that conclusion was correct (for me). Then I introduced water filtration and fell in love with it again. The Mighty is an awesome piece. I never believed that it would be likely to find something that didn't just match it, but topped it. Enter the Tafee Bowl. When I first saw Troy and Jerry using this on their weekly Zoom chat/broadcast, I was extremely skeptical but very interested. For those two guys to be using certain phrases, buzz-words, and expressions when describing this device, one should take notice, as they are two of the most well-respected and regarded names in the vaping culture, which is growing exponentially, and for good reason. Knowing that I could potentially take advantage of POTV's industry-leading return policy if I did not like it, I ordered one from POTV the day that POTV announced they were in stock. Delivery was only about five days from Nevada to Michigan, which is awesome when one considers how the Pandemic has impacted the shipping of these products. The Taffe Bowl is, without question, a must-have vaporizer, not because it has the best flavor of any vaporizer I've used (it does - and not just on hits 1-2; you won't find better flavor throughout the entire session with any other portable device, and no desktop that I've used, including the Volcano), and without question, it brings the best EFFECTS of any vaporizer I've used, period. Think about that statement, and then look at what Troy and Jerry, and other enthusiasts are saying - the strongest effects of any dry herb vaporizer . . . that's a big statement. Some may be turned off by the price - don't be. Think about it - we have no problem dropping several hundred (or thousand) dollars a year on herb, yet we refuse to spend significant money on the products that we use to consume that herb. I liken this situation to buying an expensive putter to play golf with. I remember seeing a $400 price tag after playing around with a putter in the store and immediately going to put it back. The salesman then asked me a few questions: (1) how much do you spend every time you play golf ($40-$75), and (2) which club do you use the most when you play a round of golf (my putter of course). Once confronted with the fact that I spend $2,000 per year playing golf, and that I use my putter more than any other club in my bag, spending $400, a one-time expense, seemed a lot more logical. Think of the Tafee Bowle that way. Yes, it's expensive, but the flavor and effects top the industry. In my opinion, to have the industry-leading product in your hands for under $400 with the awesome return policy and satisfaction guarantee offered by POTV as insurance is a no-brainer of a purchase. Please note: I do not like the pots, or the pot-filling system that the grinder that comes with this product provides. I thought my dislike of the process was going to be a deal-breaker, and then I got the effects I was looking for. Then I used it again, and again, and again, and then I stopped caring about the pot-filling system. That said, I will discuss it. The grinder that comes with the device is a multilevel grinder that really pulverizes the herb. Such a fine grid is not generally customary for convection vaporizers as it reduces surface area, Tafee knows what it is doing, and the Bowle proves it. The grinder has little slots in it that line up with the pots, which are stored four at a time in the chamber below. The herb, once ground, falls through the slots and into the pots directly. This part is fine and clean. It's when you put just the slightest bit too much herb in the grinder to begin with and have leftovers that things get messy, because each time you open the grinder to grab a fresh pot, herb leaks through those slots and into the now-empty slots that the pot you previously used once took up. At the end of the day, I just use the included brush to sweep off any dust and it's okay. I've also tended to use my own grinder (Brilliant Cut) and a Delta 3d scoop tool to load pots one at a time, and it's an easy and less messy process in my opinion. Since I started using this device, I haven't reached for any of my others (and I have a lot of choices). I believe that, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, this device is a must-have. Its simplicity cannot be overstated - four temperature settings, no combustion (I've tried - it doesn't happen), no learning curve, the best hitting dry-herb vape around, with no water necessary (and I'm a cougher - but not with this device). Spend the money, now you have POTV's warranty backing you, and catch the best buzz you've had while safely vaping your best herb and knowing you are extracting every tidbit in the process. There's nothing to regret.

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