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Tinymight Dosing Capsule v1

This product is compatible with: Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

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The Original v1 Dosing Capsule for Tinymight 1 and 2

Built with convection in mind with more airholes and less conduction than the v2 Dosing Capsules, these capsules allow for optimum airflow from your convection Tinymight 1 or 2 vaporizer.

Original v1 Dosing Capsules

These capsules have been designed in a basket fashion so that hot air can get in and around your ground herbs, minimizing any conductive effect on your herbs. They have a slightly smaller capacity than the v2 Dosing Capsules, making them even more suited to microdosing.

Work perfectly with both Tinymight 1 and Tinymight 2

Whichever Tinymight vape you have, these dosing capsules will fit perfectly.

Compatible with:

Tinymight 2
Tinymight 1

Original Tinymight Accessory

This is an OEM part, directly from Tinymight in Finland.