Tinymight Glass Tube

This product is compatible with: Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

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Standard Stem for Tinymight (55mm)

Made of high-quality quartz glass, this is the tube that comes standard with the Tinymight (1 and 2) and is the shortest tube available. It offers a discreet profile, perfect for carrying your Tinymight in a jeans pocket, or purse. Cooling Unit not included.

Longer Stem for the Tinymight (80mm)

This is the slightly longer version of the standard tube for the Tinymight 1 and 2, offering better cooling, at the expense of being less pocketable. Made of high-quality quartz glass. Cooling unit not included.

Compatible with both Tinymight 1 and Tinymight 2

Compatible with the original Tinymight, and the Tinymight 2 we carry here at POTV.

Compatible with:
Tinymight 2
Tinymight 1

Official Glass Tubes from Tinymight

All the way from Finland, these stems are OEM products directly from Tinymight.