Titanium Stems for Tinymight 2

This product is compatible with: Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

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Drop-proof Stem for your Tinymight 1 or 2

The standard stem for Tinymight is made from glass, which is great for amping the flavors of your favorite herbs, but not so great if you drop it on a hard surface. Enter the Titanium Stem, which, being made from metal, won’t break so easily.

Less caution, more durability

Toss it in your bag, and enjoy not having to worry about a chipped or cracked stem, the Titanium Stem for Tinymight is built to last.

Compatible with Tinymight 1 and 2

Compatible with:

Tinymight 1
Tinymight 2

Does not come with a Cooling Unit. Tinymight recommends using with a Tinymight Cooling Unit, or a Rimmed Basket Screen (sold separately).

Official accessory of Tinymight

This is an official, OEM Accessory of Tinymight Vaporizers, Finland.