XMAX Ceramic Mouthpiece TIP for Starry V4

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Upgraded Ceramic Mouthpiece

One of the major upgrades in the XMAX Starry V4 dry herb vaporizer is the improvement to the Ceramic Mouthpiece Tip, making it super-easy to remove from the Starry Mouthpiece. No more fiddly metal plate, the newly designed Tip simply clips in and out of the mouthpiece, no tools required.

Keep it cost-effective

Replacing the Mouthpiece Tip will keep your vapor path drawing like new, without needing to replace the entire mouthpiece. This helps to keep the total cost of ownership to a minimum, making the XMAX Starry V4 an even better value vape.

Prioritize hygiene

For those in a situation where hygiene is imperative, having a spare Mouthpiece Tip or two will make life much easier. No need to disinfect the Tip before every draw, just click in your personal Tip when the vape’s passed your way.


XMAX Starry V4

** Not compatible with the XMAX Starry V3 and earlier models **

Official accessory of XMAX

This Mouthpiece Tip is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, made by XMAX.