XMAX Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack

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Get prepared with Dosing Capsules for Starry

We've been eagerly anticipating their arrival, and now they're finally here. The Starry dosing capsules provide a convenient solution for loading and reloading your Starry V4, whether at home or on the go.

What is a Dosing Capsule?

Think of a dosing capsule as a small stainless-steel container for your herbs. Instead of loading directly into the vaporizer’s oven, you load the capsule, which is designed specifically for your Starry vaporizer and fits perfectly.

Keep track of your sessions

By pre-loading a set of dosing capsules, you can easily keep track of how many sessions you’re up to.

Keep your oven clean

Using dosing capsules adds an extra layer of metal around your herbs, ensuring they never come into direct contact with the oven. Cleaning the capsules is much simpler than cleaning the Starry vaporizer's oven.

Travel Tube included

The included travel tube allows you to stack and store your pre-loaded capsules. The silicone lids at each end seal them securely, enabling discreet and convenient reloading on the go.


Xmax Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack is compatible with all versions of the XMAX Starry vaporizer.

Official accessory of XMAX

These Dosing Capsules are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components, made by XMAX.