XMAX Starry (V4) Cleaning Set

This product is compatible with: POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer

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Maintain your Starry V4

This kit contains all of the consumables needed to keep your XMAX Starry V4 in perfect working order.

Five oven screens

Ensuring your screens are free of debris is a great way to keep any dry herb vape working like new, and switching out an old screen with one of these five replacement screens is a quick and easy to achieve a cleaner, fresher oven.

Two mouthpiece o-rings

These replacement o-rings are a direct replacement for the o-rings that create a seal between the Ceramic Mouthpiece Tip, and the Mouthpiece Top. They’ll occasionally become frayed or broken and need to be replaced, so it’s always good to have spares on hand.

Maintenance Pick

The Cleaning Set comes complete with a useful Maintenance Pick that’s great for fishing out a used Oven Screen or removing a sticky Mouthpiece O-Ring.


This kit is compatible with the XMAX Starry V4.

** It is not compatible with the Starry V3, or earlier models. **

Official accessory of XMAX

This is an official OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) accessory of XMAX.

Xmax Cleaning Set 5 Pcs Chamber Screen O Ring Plus Pin For Starry V4 Box

What's in the box

  • 5 pcs. Chamber screen
  • 2 pcs. O-rings
  • 1 pc. Maintenance pick