XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Mesh Screens

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Replacement screen for the XMAX V3 Pro water pipe adapter

The XMAX V3 Pro Mesh Screen prevents herbs from entering the water pipe adapter during your session. Simply remove the glass stem from the silicone housing, push the old screen insert out from the top, and slip the new insert from the bottom.

Not made for original mouthpiece

This screen is intended for the XMAX V3 Pro water pipe adapter, the V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece, and the POTV Accessory Attachment ONLY. It is not compatible with the original mouthpiece. If you need a replacement for the original mouthpiece, check out the XMAX V3 Pro Filter.

Official replacement screen

This is an exact manufacturer replacement screen insert for the XMAX V3 Pro water pipe adapter, the V3 Pro Glass Mouthpiece, and the POTV Accessory Attachment. Grab one or two as replacements, or to use while cleaning the original parts.

Stop by our full line of XMAX Parts & Accessories for more.

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