Arizer Air Max Review

Arizer Air Max Review

The Air Max is another Arizer portable true to the name with fantastic, quality vapor and slick features.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review

The Air Max might be Arizer’s best portable dry herb vaporizer, but will you buy it? Sessions are great, the replaceable battery is massive, and it’s ready for sessions on a water bubbler. The vapor is fantastic and the air flow is more open, but at $199.95 the price is a lot higher than its siblings.

Arizer Air MAX vaporizer

Arizer Air MAX vaporizer


The Arizer Air Max provides all day power and Arizer’s signature quality.

  • High quality vapor
  • Massive replaceable 26650 battery
  • Comfortable airflow
  • Fast heat up time
  • Customize sessions to your style
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Tasty, light and comfy vapor

The Air Max dry herb vaporizer follows Arizer’s formula for flavorful, satisfying vapor. The ceramic heater, isolated airpath, and glass stem set the stage for pure, light vapor across a longer, relaxed session that leans on the tasty side. The first hit off a fresh bowl is light and bursts with flavor. As the session progresses, the flavor declines when clouds set in.

I like to settle into a longer session with the Air Max. I set the timer to the maximum 15 minutes and take my time as the subtle herbal nuances unfold. If you’ve ever used an Arizer portable vaporizer before, the experience and feel will be instantly recognizable, only better, as the improved heater brings a more comfortable draw.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Oven and Glass Stem
The stainless steel oven and glass stem produce clean, tasty vapor.

An easier hit

The Air Max is easier to hit than any previous Arizer portable vape. A common complaint against the Solo, Solo 2, Air, Air 2, and ArGo vaporizers is the restrictive air flow. Sometimes it could feel like sucking on a thick milkshake. But Arizer finally opened things up for the Air Max, with an improved heater that can keep up with stronger draws for a relaxing vaping experience.

It still has a restrictive feel, but it’s noticeably more open, enough that I prefer the Air Max to the other Arizer portables. In fact, Arizer included a water pipe adapter in the box and programmed the OLED display with automatic screen inversion that rotates the screen when flipped, which shows how much they think the air flow has opened up. I found the older Arizer portables too restrictive to enjoy on a bubbler, but the Air Max is just open enough for me to use with my water pipes.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Automatic Screen Inversion
The screen automatically inverts when you flip it upside down!

Loooong battery life

The Air Max solves battery life problems with a USB-C charge port and a removable 26650, high capacity battery. It boasts an impressive two and a half hour run-time per charge, and it’s easy to see why. The 26650 lithium-ion battery is the biggest I’ve seen in a dry herb vape.

It’s too big for my 18650 battery charger, so I had to charge the battery while inside the Air Max. But that’s okay, since it comes with a USB-C charge port. Mine took two hours to fully charge, but you don’t have to wait to use it. If your battery has run dry, you can vape with the Air Max while it charges, but it will pause the charge during your session.

Our tests confirmed Arizer’s battery life claims (150 minutes per charge). Set to 390℉ (199℃), our Air Max lasted for ten full 15-minute sessions plus one partial session, or 160 minutes of runtime. That should get most people through at least a week between charges, and even the heaviest of users through the day. Your results will vary somewhat depending on what temperatures you use and how long your sessions last.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Massive Battery
The massive 26650 battery (left) dwarfs the 18650 battery (right) and provides all-day power.

Familiar cigar-shape

The Air Max vaporizer is built to last, with high quality construction that leans on lessons learned from earlier models. Like its predecessors, the Air Max has a familiar cigar shape and size, with a glass mouthpiece at the top that’s easy to use and share. Amazingly, the Air Max is only six millimeters taller than earlier Air vaporizers with the same diameter, even with a much bigger rechargeable battery inside.

I like the look and feel of the Air Max compared to earlier Air models. The outer shell is brushed aluminum, with a smooth and semi-shiny finish. The top portion that surrounds the heater is vented high-temperature plastic to protect from burns. Just below the plastic housing, the screen is identical to the Arizer Air 2 screen, with the same information displayed - temperature and battery level. The control buttons are split, with the power button on the left side and the up/down buttons on the right. This layout is beautifully intuitive, as the buttons slide right to my fingertips when I hold the Air Max. Which brings us to the interface.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Form Factor
The buttons on the sides are located right where your fingers would naturally be.

Full session and precise temperature controls

Through the Air Max settings, you can adjust almost any session parameter imaginable - beep volume, temperature alert volume, session timer, F/C temp scale toggle, screen brightness, and a power on timer. The interface is easy to make your own adjustments, find your style, and forget about it. I tweaked all my settings for relaxed, stealthy sessions with low audible alerts, low screen brightness, a two-second power on timer and a 15-minute session timer.

Full digital temperature control is easy peasy. Skip across the spectrum in ten degree steps, then drill down to the exact degree. I like to increase the temperature settings during my sessions every few minutes, or “temp step”, and it’s really easy with the Air Max. I start my sessions at 340℉ (171℃) for several puffs, then hold the up button until it skips up to 390℉ (199℃) for a few more puffs, and finally finish it off at the top temperature - 428℉ (220℃). This way I enjoy all the amazing flavors in the beginning, but still get all the clouds at the end.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Temperature Screen
The display shows the temperature and remaining battery life at a glance. I only wish it had a countdown timer for the session length.

Dark Mode is a nice addition for those who like to vape in the dark and not draw attention. It took me a minute to figure out the controls, but once I learned it was simple and effective. Remember to turn on the Air Max with the Power and Down button to power into Dark Mode.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Dark Mode
Turn the Air Max on with the power and down buttons to activate Dark Mode.

The only thing I long for on the Air Max interface is a session countdown timer. I appreciate that I can adjust the length of the session, but I never know how much time is left. Not a big deal if you like quick sessions, but more bothersome with my longer, fifteen-minute sessions.

Faster, stronger heater

The Air Max is Arizer’s sixth portable vaporizer, and the first to significantly improve the heater. I used to say that I couldn’t distinguish any significant differences in the tasty vapor quality between Arizer portable vapes, but now the Air Max stands out from the others. The heater is stronger, heats up fast, and can keep up with a faster draw, so Arizer opened up the air flow a little for a more comfy draw.

If all you ever wanted out of an Arizer portable was a little more air flow, you got it. The Air Max is easy to hit. Whether you want a gentle hit with very little resistance, or a strong pull that requires a little work, you’ll find it here.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Oven ChamberThe Air Max’s improved heater can keep up with faster hits.

One-minute heat-up time

The Air Max is ready to vape in about a minute from a cold start. Set to 390℉ (199℃), our unit reached temperature in 50 seconds on a fully charged battery, and 70 seconds at the end of a charge. This is good enough for second place in the Arizer lineup - a little slower than the Solo 2, but faster than all the others.

I asked Arizer why the newer Air Max wasn’t faster to heat up than the Solo 2, given its more powerful heater and massive battery. Turns out the new heater has greater power requirements, and the single 26650 battery in the Air Max isn’t as powerful as the dual 18650’s in the Solo 2, so a balance was struck between heat up time and battery life.

USB-C charge port

We finally have fast, universal charge times with the Arizer Air Max. Check out the back side of the vape and you’ll find the USB-C charge port, opposite the LED display. I waited a long time for this, having endured barrel port chargers (fast but proprietary) and micro-USB (universal but slow) for years with my Arizer portables. And get ready to use it, because the internal battery is too big for some chargers! I couldn’t charge it in my Nitecore D4 - the battery fit, but the connectors couldn’t reach.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review USB-C Charging Port
The Air Max ditches barrel ports for a universal USB-C charge port.

Designed for dry herbs

The Air Max is built for dry herbs only, not concentrates. There are no secondary concentrate pod systems or pads. If you must use the Air Max with concentrates, keep it to a very small amount and sandwich it between two layers of dry herbs. I also recommend you hold the Air Max upside down so nothing drips into the heater below. But the best recommendation I can give is to not use it with concentrates at all - there are better options out there for that. If you want a good dry herb vape that also shows up for the occasional concentrate session, check out the POTV ONE.

Most popular stems included

Two stems are included - a water pipe adapter (wpa) and the short mouthpiece, which is their most popular stem. The short stem is a fave because of its low profile, but gets a little hot for me at the upper temperatures. The wpa is a nice touch with the improved heater, and shows Arizer’s confidence in the strength of the Air Max heater.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Short Glass Stem and Water Pipe Adapter
The Air Max comes with a short glass stem and a glass water pipe adapter.

If you only vape at lower temperatures, or don’t feel that hotter vapor is uncomfortable, you’re good to go with the included stems. If you’re like me, you will benefit from a little cooler vapor. I use some kind of cooling stem - either a longer stem, a bent stem, or a bubbler stem - for higher temperatures and love it.

A few gripes

I would have liked a better cooling stem in the box, but give Arizer credit for including the most popular accessories, even if they aren’t my personal faves.

A session countdown timer on the screen somewhere would brighten my day.

I have always wanted haptic (vibration) feedback on my Arizer portable, and thought this might be the one. I’m a little disappointed, but when I asked Arizer about it, they assured me it was considered but found to cause other problems.

Finally, I prefer the ArGo’s form factor with a protected glass stem. With the Air Max, you still have to carry around separate, breakable glass stems.

Arizer Air Max Pros and Cons

Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Tasty, light vapor Have to carry around separate stems
Long-lasting, removable battery Glass stems can break
Incredibly portable
Custom session settings - vape your way

Bottom line

The Air Max prizes flavor and relaxation with upgraded features and killer battery life. It's the highest priced Arizer vape, but if you can swallow it, the Air Max is a great buy.


Arizer covers any workmanship and defect issues for two years, with a lifetime warranty on the heating element. Like all of our products, the Air Max is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Tube w/ Stem Cap
  • 1 x Frosted Glass Aroma Tube WPA w/ Stem Cap
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Dish for Aromatherapy
  • 3 x PVC Travel Tubes
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Stir tool
  • 1 x Screen Pack
  • 1 x Aromatic Botanicals
Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review What's in the Box
The Air Max comes with everything you need to get started, and then some.

For best results

Keep an eye out for our Tips and Tricks article. For now, try to consistently pack the oven, and keep the herbs a little lower than the top of the lip of the bowl, so they don’t touch the bottom of the oven. That can singe your herbs quickly and ruin the taste of your session.

Easy maintenance

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide is coming soon, but until then, make sure to empty out the bowl after it’s spent. It’s not a huge deal if you don’t, since the stems are glass and easy to clean, but you’ll have to clean them more often. When you’re done, just pick it out or blow it into the garbage, and brush out the bowl.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review Brush the Oven
Brush out the oven after every session.

Who is the Air Max for?

Tha Arizer Air Max is for the light to moderate portable dry herb vape user who prizes flavor and relaxation over fast results. This is not a “hurry up and get it done” vape. It’s better suited for those who like to take their time and let their herbs unfold over the course of a longer session.

Who is the Air Max not for?

The Air Max could struggle to satisfy heavy users. It’s very similar to the Solo, which was my primary portable vape for a couple years, until my tolerance built and I needed something that could vape through more herbs more quickly. The vapor is fantastic, but as my appetite grew, it took more bowls and more time to get in and out of a session. It also costs considerably more money than the other Arizer portables, but the vapor is not equally better.

Check out Desktop Vaporizers for more power.


I like the Air Max more than I thought I would. It’s another Arizer portable true to the name, with fantastic, quality vapor and a glass stem that presents a couple issues. Once you know you want an Arizer portable, the question is which one, and the Air Max isn’t a clear cut choice when priced at $199.95. The ArGo has a better form factor, and the Solo 2 heats up quicker for less money. If the Air Max were closer in price to the Solo 2, I’d say it’s an easy pick, but at the time of this writing there was a 40% difference, which can be hard to swallow.

Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Review
The Arizer Air Max is sleek and durable.

Arizer Air Max FAQs

Is the Arizer Air Max safe?

Yes. The Air Max has an all glass vapor path, a stainless steel bowl, and a ceramic heater.

Is the Arizer Air Max worth it?

Right now, it’s the most expensive Arizer portable vape, but the vapor is similar. If budget is a concern, grab an ArGo or Solo 2.

Arizer Air Max vs Arizer Solo 2?

The Air Max has a more comfortable draw, a smaller footprint, and a removable battery. The Solo 2 heats up quicker, has longer battery life, and feels really good in the hand (I know, it sounds weird, but trust me - it feels great). The vapor is similar, but the price isn’t. Your wallet may make this decision for you.

Arizer Air MAX vaporizer

Arizer Air MAX vaporizer


The Arizer Air Max provides all day power and Arizer’s signature quality.

  • High quality vapor
  • Massive replaceable 26650 battery
  • Comfortable airflow
  • Fast heat up time
  • Customize sessions to your style
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Arizer Air MAX vaporizer