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Arizer Solo 2 Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of your first Arizer Solo 2 session with our Tips & Tricks guide.

The Arizer Solo 2 kicks out great vapor and has made some big steps forward for the already well loved Arizer vape.  Arizer's portables are a bit unique in design so if this is your first vape from their lineup we'd recommend taking a second to go through our tips to make your first session a little bit better.

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Some like to suck the herbs into the stem straight out of the grinder because it’s really easy, but I think Arizer has pretty much nailed the process with their instructions and I prefer their method of plunging it into the herbs and letting it grab them. This vape excels with whole flowers as well so try putting a whole piece in there for a tastier session!

(gif from this Arizer video) 

Tamp down for taste

No matter how you load the stem, the most important step for good taste is to tamp the herbs until they are below the edge of the bowl. Try to keep the herbs from touching the bottom of the oven or they will singe and that negatively effects the flavor.

Heat soak for bigger clouds

When you decide to insert the stem into the Solo 2 makes a difference for those first couple draws.  If you like tastier, wispier hits to start a session put the loaded stem in after the Solo is heated and ready. 

If more potent draws and bigger clouds are more your style, put the loaded stem in there while the vape is heating up.  The extra time in the oven will thicken things up, and you can always put the stem in anytime during heat up for something in the middle. 

You’ll only notice the difference in the beginning of your session. Everything heats as you go and draws end up just about the same by the end.

Pack less, draw more

The Solo II’s air flow has been opened up compared to the original.  Packing makes the most difference here -- pack less if you want your draws to be more free flowing.  

If you still find your hits too restrictive you can lift the stem up just a hair so it’s not touching the bottom of the bowl to bring in even more air. 

Stop stirring

If you find yourself needing to stir the load during a session, try packing less next time.  I've found if I don’t pack it too tightly I can get an even cook without needing to stir at all!

Keep it clean

Remove the stem after each session so the oven doesn’t get too dirty, and blow out the bowl and the herbs in the stem. The longer you let your spent herbs sit in the vape the more it will smell and the harder it will be to clean.  


Play with the session parameters and make it your own...I changed almost all of mine! I like to change the turn-on timer to as short as possible, or 4 seconds, with a 15 minute shutoff timer so I don’t get cut off too soon.

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