Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018

Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018

Boundless has quietly upgraded the CFV’s mouthpiece and oven for 2018.

Boundless has quietly updated the CFV with some significant changes to its chamber ring and screens, as well as an upgrade to the heater and oven. We’ve broken down all the changes to the CFV below, as well as some hands-on impressions with the updated model.

Oven rings

With this update, Boundless has dropped the interchangeable oven rings, which were previously included with the CFV. The oven and screen setup now closely matches the Boundless Tera’s setup, with a few minor differences. There’s now a silicone assembly with a single metal screen, in place of the three-piece stainless steel screen assembly in the original.

Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018 Oven

Vapor changes

These changes have a noticeable effect on the vapor, at least in our side by side testing. The heat up time is slightly faster, at 23 seconds to reach 390° F, compared to the original’s 28 seconds. The new model has slightly better airflow than the old Boundless CFV, but still takes an extra draw before your first real cloud, which is thicker than the clouds we saw from the old CFV. At high temperatures, the vapor comes off the new CFV a little hotter, and with a little less flavor, which is to be expected from the more powerful heater. It does, however, do a better job of finishing off your oven for full extraction.

Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018

Fit and finish

The changes to the oven and screen assembly have also affected some of the accessories that interface with it. For one, the new mouthpiece doesn’t fit exactly right on the old CFV, and vice versa. The new Boundless water pipe adapter fits on the updated CFV, but none of the other Boundless vapes. The old loading tool doesn’t fit exactly right on the new CFV, but it fits well enough to work.

Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018 Mouthpiece

Oven capacity

The updated oven is a little more flexible than the previous setup. With the screen installed, it holds slightly less, but you can remove the second screen in the oven to hold a bit more than the original. We also found that removing the screen led to fuller extraction. Not a huge change, but one that’s worth mentioning.

Boundless Updates the CFV for 2018 Oven Capacity

Final thoughts

If you’re already a Boundless CFV owner, the updates are an appealing improvement, but it isn’t worth moving to the new model. If you’re looking to buy your first CFV, we’re already selling the updated model for the same price as the old one. The heater and airflow are the biggest improvements, but it’s nice to see Boundless took the opportunity to refine some of the other elements.

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