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Boundless CFV Review

Boundless set out to conquer the full convection, portable vaporizer with the release of the CFV. The Boundless CFV does...

Boundless set out to disrupt the portable vaporizer market with the release of the full convection CFV vaporizer at only CAD$165. The Boundless CFV does what a convection vape should, preserves taste and minimizes waste. It’s easy to use, a nice pocket size and looks amazing, especially that Red! 

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Table of contents

Tasty vapor
Heat retention rings? Sweet!
For best results
Pocket size
Cleaning & maintenance
As flashy as you like
CFV vs CFX vs CF
Easy to use
Who's the CFV for
Battery life
Who's the CFV not for

Final thoughts

Full convection heating

Instead of utilizing the more common conduction heating method which heats your herbs through direct contact with the oven walls, the CFV (The "V" stands for conVection) uses a full convection heating system which pulls hot air over your material when you draw. This means your herbs are only exposed to heat when you inhale, instead of throughout a session, preserving taste and freshness longer and increasing efficiency.

The CFV has a robust heater that can keep up with the demands of even the strongest draws and is great for group sessions. Like most convection vapes, this one works best with one or two stirs during a session.  

All this convection power comes at a price though, as the battery life is shorter than most portable vapes.  More on this below...

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Tasty vapor

The CFV’s full convection heating is going to give you longer, tastier sessions.  Low temp flavor lovers will love how the taste lasts. Even on the hottest temp settings you won’t have to worry about any waste since your herbs only vaporize when you inhale.  

In groups this is great because now I don’t have to hound the guy who likes to sit there and talk instead of passing the vape!

Temperature settings

140° F - 446° F (60° C - 230° C)
Fully adjustable temperature range

Easy to use

Using the CFV couldn’t be any easier. Just load the chamber, turn it on, set the temp and wait 30 seconds. Boundless even included a loading funnel that makes it easy to load the herb chamber with zero mess. 

The CFV has three buttons that work as you would expect. 5-clicks of the power button for on/off, with up and down buttons for temperature control. 

The display shows you a battery meter and the set temperature, followed by the current temperature and a hot coffee icon to let you know it has reached the set temperature. The display can be easily inverted in case you find yourself always looking at it upside down for some reason. 

The only downside to using the CFV, like most convection vapes, is to get the most out of your material you should stir a couple times during a session.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Heat retention rings? Sweet!

The interchangeable oven rings are a cool feature that got me excited from the first time I heard about them! Boundless designed the herb chamber so you could replace the oven walls with different materials, allowing you to customize the flavor and heat profile. 

The CFV comes with quartz and wood rings. The quartz ring will absorb heat more than the wood and start to add a little bit of conduction heating throughout a session. The wood rings stay cooler preserving more convection and impart some light flavor. 

We have heard talk of other possible materials down the road. Stainless steel? Ceramic? Teflon? GOLD!?  The different heat retention and flavor profiles of different materials open up a lot of opportunities to customize your experience. The rings are easily changed out using the included bowl removal tool.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Wood Ring - Planet of the Vapes

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Pocket size

The CFV is the right size for a pocketable portable vaporizer, coming in at just a smidge wider than the Crafty and a few hairs taller than the PAX 2. It won’t be completely hidden in your hand, but it's easy to slip into your pocket for on the go sessions. The swivel mouthpiece reduces the profile by half an inch when you’re ready to put it away.

Size specs

Height: 4 ¼ in / 10.8 cm
Width: 2 ⅜ in / 5.7 cm
Depth: 1 ¼ in / 12.7 cm
Weight: 4.5 oz / 136 g

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

As flashy as you like

Black is classic and the CFV comes in the universally loved vape color for those not looking to draw attention.  But Boundless really did something unique with the super bold red on red on red Yeezy 2 Red October looking iridescent crimson option.

No joke, the red looks amazing and pops all day long.  These photos aren't retouched!  We haven’t seen anything quite like it in the vaporizer world.  It's not just the color, it's right on point style wise with what you see in the sneaker and streetwear world. Well done.

Just posted Stickstones' Tips & Tricks for the @bndlsvapes CFV. Link in bio.

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Battery life

While we love everything about the vapor, it comes at a price and that is a short battery life. The tastiness that convection heating brings to the table requires more energy and the CFV uses a session format, running the heater constantly once on, so the battery life suffers. 

During testing I got about 5 sessions, sometimes 6, on a full charge, which equates to about 30 minutes of continuous run time. While this isn’t horrendous, it’s one of the shortest battery lives of any portable vape I can think of. 

The CFV can get me through an evening at home or a few on the go sessions, but not much more than that, and in a group setting it will perform well but end quickly. That being said, many folks might consider a bowl or two in the evening to be well within their normal range, and for those, you won’t have any issue here.

The USB-only charging means it’s easy to recharge, but it will take the two and a half hours we normally see with USB charging vapes to get back to full power. 

For reference, this is about half the battery life of the CF and CFX.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


The CFV feels like it is going to last a while. The tough outer shell hides a solid interior design that has already survived a couple of falls during my testing (oops). I didn’t take a hammer to it, but I feel like it’s one in the collection I won’t worry about breaking.


The CFV comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty that covers everything but the battery, which has its own one year warranty. The battery can be changed out down the road for only CAD$35, and Boundless has proven that it takes care of its customers.

Like all of our products, the CFV is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


What's in the box?

Extra Mouthpiece Screens
Extra Oven Screens
Extra High Temp O-rings
Heat Retention Rings - Wood, Quartz
Loader Lid / Loading Tool
USB Cable
Cleaning Brush and Dab / Stir Tool
Tool For Removing Oven Chamber

Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

For best results

With the CFV, like most convection vaporizers, you want to maximize the exposed surface area of your herbs. This is best done using a medium to fine grind and occasionally stirring during the session. The stir helps change the path the air takes through the material, again exposing more of your herbs to the heat. 

If this is your first convection vaporizer, get ready for some differences! The first two or three draws off a freshly loaded bowl will be tasty-town, with little visible vapor. Enjoy these flavor hits like fine wine, while the herbs get up to temperature. Subsequent draws will give you thicker and thicker clouds until the vapor stops. This is where I like to stir and bump up the temperature once or twice for a few more hits.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the CFV is easy as everything is within reach. 

Follow these instructions in order:

  1. Take the mouthpiece apart and remove the screen assembly and the mouthpiece stem
  2. Use the bowl removal tool to remove the top of the bowl, bowl ring and screen.
  3. Remove the o-ring from the top of the bowl
  4. Soak the mouthpiece screen assembly, bowl screen, top of the bowl, quartz ring (not wood) and mouthpiece stem in ISO until clean. Then rinse well with warm water.
  5. Wipe down the interior of the mouthpiece with an alcohol wipe and again with warm water
  6. Wood rings can be washed with soap and water
  7. DO NOT soak the red mouthpiece parts in ISO, only the red stem that goes in your mouth.


Though obviously related, the Boundless CFV is delivering a completely different experience than both the CFX and CF making it hard to really stack them against each other.

The CFV uses full convection heating, so it will excel at being tasty and efficient with your well ground herbs, but the bowl should be stirred mid-session and it doesn’t have great battery life. 

The CF/CFX vaporizers are more “grab and go”, giving you easy and satisfying vapor with anything you put in them. With great battery life and no technique needed the CFX/CF won’t taste as pure or be as efficient with your herbs.

Boundless CFV Vs. CFX Vs. CF - Planet of the Vapes

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Who's this vape for

The CFV is a great option if you’ve been waiting for the tastiness and efficiency of a convection vaporizer in an affordable, pocket size package and you're good about keeping your devices charged.  

The replaceable bowl rings and amazing red color add a bit for those looking for more customization and style.

It’s a great vape for on the go sessions or for sharing, considering the efficiency and lack of herb waste.

Who's this vape not for

The CFV is not for the person that needs a vape that will last through the day, considering battery life is the unit’s biggest flaw. Also the CFV requires a little bit more work than the CF/CFX, you’ll need to stir during a session and grind your herbs well for the best experience.  I don't love stirring, but seriously, it only takes about 5 seconds to do it.

Anyone not used to a convection heating vaporizer will need to learn what to expect, as the first few draws are usually wispy and full of taste before you get into the denser clouds.

Final thoughts

The CFV checks a lot of the boxes for me. It’s a stylish portable, easy to use with cool features and unique accessories. The convection heating gives me the taste and efficiency I’ve been eagerly waiting for in a portable at this price point and it really shines when used in a group setting or with glass. 

All of this doesn’t come without it’s flaws, but overall, I’m impressed.

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jerry stickstones

Vaporist, vape beta tester, vape reviewer. I like to vape, talk about vapes, and think about vapes. Sometimes I dream...about vapes.

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