Boundless Tera First Look

Boundless Tera Vaporizer First Look

The Boundless Tera sets itself apart from the competition with user-swappable batteries, huge clouds, and convective heating that keeps your...

There’s no shortage of mid-size, portable vapes vying for your attention. It’s an attractive category, with better battery life and vapor quality than you’d find on smaller options. The Boundless Tera vaporizer sets itself apart from the competition with user-swappable batteries, huge clouds, and a mostly convective style heat that keeps your herbs cool between hits.

Fast facts

  • CAD$229.95 Retail price
  • Mostly convection hybrid heating
  • 0.15 - 0.25 Grams bowl capacity
  • Full digital temperature control 140° - 428° F / 60° - 220° C
  • Concentrate mode 500° F
  • 4.25 in x 2.25 in x 1.5 in | 10 oz
  • 32 seconds heat up time to 390° F 
  • 3 Year warranty on workmanship and defects, 90 days on batteries
  • Available in Black only

Big, tasty clouds

Boundless fans will immediately recognize Tera’s nice airflow. Straight down the middle -- not too wide, not too restrictive. The result is big clouds, with little learning curve, and a better taste than other vapes we’ve tested from Boundless. You don’t have to stir mid-bowl either, which helps keep things moving along. Plus, the oven cools down quickly between hits, so you won’t cook your herbs if you set it down for a minute with the heat on.

Heats up in 30 seconds! 

The Tera vape should reach your target temperature in 30 - 40 seconds, depending on how hot you like it, and how much juice is left in the battery. That beats out some other slower convection vaporizers in the category, like the Mighty vaporizer, which can take 90 seconds or more to heat up. You won’t be sitting around waiting for it to reach the target temperature, but there are definitely better options out there for a quick single hit on the run.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

Portable, not pocketable

The Tera vaporizer isn’t particularly pocketable, instead, it slides into a mid-size portable category with some of our favorite vapes, the Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer and Arizer Solo 2. It’s easy to carry around the house or throw in a bag and feels solid in hand. The magnetic closure for the mouthpiece and battery door keep everything from falling out, without causing trouble when you actually need to open them.

Boundles Tera Vaporizer

Three buttons. Simple screen

The Boundless Tera’s onboard display shows temperature, battery level, and dry herb or concentrate mode indicators. There’s a main button for powering on the device, and up and down temperature buttons -- simple and straightforward.

Dry herb or concentrate use

Clicking the power button three times switches the devices to concentrate mode, which pushes the heat to 500° F. It’s a slightly aggressive temperature, which can lead to harsh vapor and a hot mouthpiece, but it gets the job done if you have some wax burning a hole in your pocket.

Boundless Tera Vaporizers Batteries

Swappable batteries

One of the best features of the Tera vape is when the power runs low, you can just swap in some fresh 18650 batteries. Basically, you can vape for as long as you want with a wall charger and a couple extras.

In our initial battery test of our demo unit, the Tera ran for 40-50 minutes of continuous vape time. In practice, that means about seven to ten sessions. That said, there are whispers the production units that are almost to the warehouse will have different batteries. We will be conducting another full test and write up a detailed review soon using one of the production units.

Heats up over time

No vape is perfect, and the pre-production version of the Boundless Tera gave us a bit of harshness with those big clouds at higher temperatures. Over time the unit got a bit warm and the concentrate setting does the work needed but felt too warm for comfort.

As mentioned, we will be writing up a full review using a production unit and will keep you posted on any changes we find.

A solid vape for convection cloud seekers

On paper, the Tera is an excellent offering from Boundless, with user-swappable batteries, big clouds, and great flavor. It takes a swing at some of the best vapes on the market and finds a few ways to improve on a burgeoning category.

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