RastaBuddhaTao Driftwood Vaporizer

Check out the latest from CHAMPS 2019

Every February we spend three days in Vegas talking and testing vaporizers, and we have some highlights to share.

Every year, the Planet of the Vapes staff makes a trip to Las Vegas for the CHAMPS tradeshow. It’s a great chance for us to chat with the manufacturers we work with, catch up with our partners, and of course check out some new products.

Concentrate vaporizers with built-in glass

In 2018 we got our first look at vaporizers meant for concentrates with built-in glass toppers, like the Dr. Dabber Switch and Puffco Peak. Now, those vaporizers are available for purchase, and other units are following in their footsteps. The Focus Carta boasts big clouds and attractive glass options, while the X VAPE Vista Mini squeezes similar functionality into a tiny package. We’re keeping a close eye on this category as manufacturers work to refine their designs.

Handmade wooden vapes

On the other side of the hallway, we also saw some updates to artisanal, handmade vaporizers. Sticky Bricks showed off some new finishes for their line of wood and glass manual vaporizers, including one called Black Limbo with a natural sparkle in the grain. Ditanium’s box vaporizer also impressed us with some natural, eye-catching finishes, and solid performance, and you can vape herbs with concentrates at the same time. RastaBuddhaTao built a vaporizer into a complex piece of found wood that hit as elegantly as it looked.

Ditanium Box Vape and ENail

More compact than ever

In addition to the larger, more substantial vapes, we also saw a new wave of both concentrate and vaporizers that were smaller than ever. The soon-to-be released Boundless Terp Pen takes a classic honey straw design and packages it into a ballpoint sized package, and they aren’t the only ones. Linx also showed off the Ares, a slightly larger take on the same concept, and the Ember, an ultracompact pen for concentrates.

CBD everything

While we focus on vaporizers and the community around them, we did notice a sharp rise in the number and variety of CBD offerings. We saw the stuff you might expect, like gummies, topicals, and smokeables, but also some more edge cases, like smoothies, cosmetic creams, and dog treats. Pre-filled CBD cartridges were everywhere, and several booths had high quality CBD flowers that smelled and tasted great.


DynaVap, the makers of the unique VapCap vaporizers, set up a booth at CHAMPS for the first time, and brought along the new DynaCoil, an accessory for the VapCap meant for concentrates and other sticky substances. We're giving them a thorough test and hope to bring them to you soon. 

DynaVap Custom Glass for CHAMPS 2019

Something special

In addition to checking out new vapes from some of our partners, we also brought a special creation by our very own StickStones, which uses four FlowerPot vaporizers and some custom blown glass just for the occasion.

POTV Stickstones vape flowerpot

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