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Ultimate DynaVap Buyer's Guide

Our VapCap Buyer’s Guide will help you navigate the world of DynaVap’s manual heating vaporizers, from the VapCap M to the OmniVap and everything...

Which VapCap is Best For You?

DynaVap’s VapCap vaporizers take a unique and ultra-portable approach to vaping but choosing one of the many versions can be tough at first, thanks to a wide variety of options. Our VapCap Buyer’s Guide will help you navigate the world of DynaVap’s manual heating vaporizers, from the VapCap M to the OmniVap and everything in between, so you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Table of Contents

They all vape the same

While there may be a lot of VapCap models to choose from, the good news is they all vape the same. Hold the mouthpiece, twirl the tip in the flame of your butane torch, and let it rip when you hear the click. They’re all manually heated and feature the same underlying technology. To read more about best-use practices for your VapCap vape, make sure check out our DynaVap quick start guide.

The  DIFFERENCES  come down to use case and aesthetics, like bowl size or material choice, but we’ll get to that.

DynaVap M Vaporizer  Planet of the Vapes

The best choice for most: VapCap M | CAD$85

If you’re just getting into the world of DynaVap, this is a great place to start. The VapCap M uses simplicity to its advantage, with a near-indestructible stainless steel build that boasts some of the best vapor quality available from any portable vaporizer under CAD$100. At just CAD$85 plus a butane torch, the VapCap M isn’t just a great entry-level offering, it’s an awesome option for anyone even slightly interested in a modern, manual vape. If you’re ok with spending more, there are plenty of cool options to hone in on your preferences.

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DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

The Rolls Royce: OmniVap XL Titanium | CAD$250

The OmniVap XL Titanium ups the ante with a heavyweight, unique, chiseled titanium body, but it takes more than good looks and solid hand-feel to fetch the steep CAD$250 price tag. This model boasts a longer body for some extra vapor cooling, and you can twist the mouthpiece to adjust and set the airflow. Plus, it’s hard to beat the style points you get from having an all-titanium vape.

NonaVonG Vaporizer  Planet of the Vapes

Water pipe ready: NonaVonG | $110

The NonaVonG has the advantage of fitting nicely into your favorite 14mm glass piece as well as working perfectly without. You have the option of the -S spinning mouthpiece, - XLS for the same spinning mouthpiece with a longer body or the mouthpiece free Standard to keep it simple. The nine-sided (nonagon) wide-body makes for easy handling while using glass. It's available in a variety of light and dark wood finishes, as well as a rotating selection of limited materials.

What’s In The Box

VapCap of your choice
Plastic travel tube

Is the M vaporizer enough?

With nearly identical vapor and similar innards in all of the VapCap vaporizers, it’s tempting to reach for the wallet-friendly M, and that’s not a bad instinct. The most particular users may have something to say about it, but most won’t notice the difference in vapor between the M and the VapCap options two to four times its price.

If you don’t need a bowl smaller than .1 gram, like the idea of stainless steel, and only want to spend CAD$85, just pick the M.

If you’re looking for more premium features, like titanium bodies and wood finishes, read on.

The M vs all other VapCaps

The DynaVap M is an excellent vaporizer, but if you want a tailored feature set and customizable options, reach for one of the other VapCaps. Every other DynaVap VapCap lets the user adjust the size of the oven and swap parts to create a completely fitted vaping experience.

The heat up times and vapor should be remarkably similar, even though the M has a stainless steel bowl and condenser (what DynaVap calls the airpath tube), where the others use titanium (technically a faster heating and cooling metal). Let’s check out what else sets the rest of the VapCaps apart from the wallet-friendly M.

Decoding the DynaVap slang

DynaVap’s modular part system is a little intimidating at first but makes a lot of sense once you understand the naming. Let’s walk through it.

DynaVap OmniVong Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


The prefix “Omni” indicates a titanium mouthpiece which can be twisted to adjust and set airpath resistance.

Models: OmniVap, OmniVong

NonaVonG S vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


When a DynaVap model ends with -S that indicates it has a “spinning” mouthpiece. This is designed to make even heating easier while you twirl your VapCap in a flame.

Models: Ti Carbon - S, NonaVonG - S.

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


XL refers to the “Extra Long” VapCap models (4.25 in). You will see it on its own, such as the OmniVap Titanium XL, or combined with the spinning mouthpiece.

Models: OmniVap Titanium XLNonaVonG - XLS

DynaVap NonaVong XLS - Planet of the Vapes


As mentioned above, -XLS is a combination of the -XL indication of a longer vaporizer body and the -S indicating a spinning mouthpiece.

ModelsNonaVonG - XLS

NonaVonG in Glass - Planet of the Vapes


Short for “VapCap on Glass”... and that's exactly what these vaporizers are for. Any VapCap with VonG in the name can mate with your favorite glass piece, as long as it has a 14mm female connection. These units also have a wider body specially designed to be easy to handle while using glass.

Models: NonaVonG, OmniVonG

DynaVap Double Crown Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Double Crown

Double Crown is a wood body that has two metal rings (crowns), one at each end. Most commonly used without a mouthpiece, this body can also be combined with an extra long condenser and a spinning mouthpiece for those looking to create something custom.

Without a mouthpiece added a Double Crown VapCap has an overall length the same as all the other standard length models at 3.5 in. This is simply an aesthetic option, and one that's fairly uncommon.

Now that you have all the names decoded, let’s break down the features.

Omni: Titanium with airflow control

You can manage airflow restriction on all of the DynaVap vapes by covering the carb (also called the Airport) with your finger, but only vapes from the Omni line (OmniVap & OmniVonG) also let you twist the titanium mouthpiece to open up or restrict the air path. With the Omni mouthpiece, you can find your preferred resistance, and leave it for an easily repeatable experience.

Spinning mouthpiece -S

The -S mouthpiece is designed for you to hold while spinning the VapCap body to easily and evenly heat the Cap. It is a little trick feature that once you’ve used it you’ll have a bit of trouble switching to a fixed or Omni mouthpiece.

The spinning mouthpiece and Omni’s adjustable resistance are incompatible, so you’ll have to choose which is more important to you.

DynaVap Adjustable Screen - Planet of the Vapes

Adjustable bowl

All of the DynaVap vapes besides the M vaporizer have an adjustable titanium screen in the bowl that you can move to one of three settings limiting your bowl size to as little as 0.025 grams, or as much as 0.1 grams. Other portable vapes like the POTV Starry can hold up to 0.25 grams or more, but the VapCap’s efficiency makes a little go a surprisingly long way. This adjustable bowl feature is designed for those looking to microdose, and more precisely manage the amount of herb they are vaping during each session.

VonG mates with glass

All of the wooden Vong line vapes mate directly with 14mm female glass fittings. Most larger glass is equipped with 18mm fittings, but 18-14 mm reducers are readily available. Being able to vape through glass may not matter much to some, but is a clutch feature to others.

As their names suggest, both OmniVong and NonaVong mate with glass, but their differences come down mostly to preference. I feel that the adjustable Omni mouthpiece will make life easier, especially for those who plan to leave their VapCap in glass more often than not. As mentioned above the spinning mouthpiece is a fun and useful feature while heating and a less expensive option.

DynaVap Size Guide - Planet of the Vapes

Style and Length

On top of the functionality features to select from, DynaVap offers a varied selection of wood mouthpieces and bodies, as well as a few different titanium, looks to choose from. All of the DynaVap offerings are 3.5 in long, apart from the 4.25 in OmniVap Titanium XL and VapCap Ti - XLS.

DynaVap Vaporizer Quick Compare

Note:  Ti = Titanium, SS = Stainless Steel, W = Wood




Mouthpiece Available

Airpath Restriction Control



XL Option

Mates w/ Glass

Body Finish Options











$90 - $110




W, Ti

$160 - $190










$95 - $115

DynaVap Vaporizer Lighter - Planet of the Vapes

How to choose a lighter

Your butane torch choice will make a big difference in your vaping experience. A single or double flame torch will heat slowly, but give you better control over the temperature. Upgrading to a triple or quadruple flame torch will heat up the DynaVap quickly, but it will take more practice to accurately hit certain temperature ranges. It just comes down to personal preference.

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Which VapCap is right for you?

At just CAD$85, the M undercuts any potential competition and provides a top-notch experience that will satisfy users who need an extremely pocketable, on-the-go option. If you’re looking to up the style factor, or you plan on using it with a glass piece, the other VapCap models fill specific use cases better.

Modular design is the biggest draw for power users to go with an Omni, Ti or VonG, as you can customize your VapCap for each session if you like. Even so, we think most people will be very happy with an M in their pocket.

Still not sure?

Still not sure what vaporizer to choose? No worries. We’re always here to help. Just click the live chat logo at the bottom right and we'll answer any questions you have. You can also just email us at hello@planetofthevapes.com.

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