DynaVap VonG Vaporizer

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Color: Titanium
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DynaVap Captive Cap



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  • Enjoy ‘always ready’ functionality with zero batteries
  • Vape through your bubbler with a 10mm and 14mm connection
  • Microdose your way with ‘adjust-a-bowl’ 
  • Enjoy one-and-done draws with this one-hitter
  • Carry anywhere with its ultra-compact form factor
Regular price C$214.00
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Who's the DynaVap VonG for?

The DynaVap VonG vaporizer is perfect for users that want to vape through glass, and prefer both a 10mm and 14mm option. If you’re in the market for a true one-hitter, manual vape that's practically indestructible and mates with glass, consider the DynaVap VonG.

The latest DynaVap VonG

This is the latest VonG from DynaVap. The DynaVap VonG showcases adjustable airflow, a full titanium liner, mouthpiece, and unique heat tip. The tapered mouthpiece mates with both 10mm and 14mm female joints for water-conditioned hits, no water pipe adapter needed. Available in both wood and titanium midsections.

Custom, tasty vapor

With the Vong’s manual heating, you’re in complete control of the vapor. Dial in a fast and light inhale, or a thick and heavy cloud, depending on where you heat the cap. With the small bowl size, every hit is full of flavor.

Fast as fire

The VonG heats up in five to ten seconds from a cold start, and even faster during a session.

Manual heating

The VonG is heated with a lighter that puts you in full control. The ‘cap’ has an audible click to let you know you're at temperature and ready to vape. It's so simple, but effective, and takes the guesswork out of lighter based vaporizers. Change what section of the cap you heat to give you different vaping temperatures, from 300° F to 450° F, so you’re in full control.

Check out our DynaVap Quick Start guide to learn more about getting started with your VapCap.

No battery to charge

DynaVap vaporizers work with any heat source, but work best with a small torch lighter. No more worries about battery life, and "recharging" is as simple as a quick refill for your lighter.

The VonG (i): Titanium

The VonG (i) is built from durable titanium and comes with an interchangeable sleeve. To replace the sleeve, remove the heated tip and pull off the rigid piece that sits above the sleeve. Pull the original sleeve off of the stem, and then slide this one into place. Reassemble and you’re good to go!

Choose your style

Choose from Standard, Blonde Cocobolo, or Titanium. Blonde Cocobolo offers a lighter take on the original wood finish with a more rustic, in-hand feel. The latest titanium version provides unmatched durability and strength with a smooth, clean finish and interchangeable sleeve.

Wooden sleeves are not interchangeable.

Made for glass

The VonG features a tapered mouthpiece that mates perfectly with any 10mm and 14mm female fitting for thick, tasty vapor through your favorite glass piece.

Microdose ready

The DynaVap VonG comes with an adjust-a-bowl tip that has two settings - 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams. The titanium bowl is surprisingly effective, even with so little. It's also quick to reload, so you can vape back-to-back bowls for bigger sessions.


You can come back to the same bowl later, since the VonG does not heat your herb between inhales. The simple manual heating makes this one of the most efficient vapes we’ve come across.

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Super small

The VonG is 3.5” long, which puts it high in the running for one of the smallest vapes ever. It comes in a VapCap shaped cardboard tube that you can use as easy storage.

Read our in-depth review of the VonG

The VonG pumps out strong vapor, and is flexible enough to cater to a variety of light and heavy users.

Read review


The DynaVap VonG is built to last a lifetime, and rare warranty issues are taken case by case. You will need your device’s UPC Code to be eligible for warranty work, which can be located on the packaging. Like all of our products, the VonG is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Dynavap Vong Titanium open box contents

What's in the box

  • 2021 VonG Vaporizer
  • Recyclable packaging
Dynavap Vong Titanium With Tapered Mouthpicec Specs

Technical specifications

  • Height: 3.5”
  • Diameter 3/8 in / 1 cm
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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DynaVap Captive Cap



DynaVap Titanium Screens (3-Pack)



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DynaVap Low Temperature Captive Cap



Simrell Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)


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Neil S.
Canada Canada

New standard

Vapcaps are great. Among Vapcaps, this is an awesome entry and doesn't really need anything changed. My unit has no issues with sticking sleeves or anything like that. The wood has imperfections but is in line with the cost. The value of this item is excellent among Vapcaps.

Mark B.
Canada Canada


The new VonG has a really great feeling while holding it. The wood sleeve has just the right amount of resistance after setting the airflow to keep it from turning on its own. Very happy to have it as part of my Dynavap Collection :)

Kevin P.
Canada Canada

VonG Is Great

Dynavap does it again. This unit is solid. Fits perfectly in my small dab rig. Love it. POtV is a great place to buy whatever you're looking for.

Dave B.
Canada Canada

Killer TED!

I love this thing!

Allison H.
Canada Canada

Pretty much perfect!

This is exactly what I was looking for. It's simple, and it works. There's really nothing I would change about it, except maybe some way to make the end spin on its own while you're lighting it. But otherwise, it's perfect. Very well designed.