EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide

Epickai E-Nano: Tips and Cleaning Guide

Grab your EpicVape E-Nano vaporizer by Epickai and read along for a handful of tips, and an in-depth rundown on...

The Epickai E-Nano log vaporizer leaves plenty of room for experimenting, and is quite easy to pick up and start using. We’ve spent plenty of time playing with it, and have found a handful of tips for you to take the experience further.

EpicVape E-Nano by Epickai Tips and Tricks: Use the E-Pick

We rave about the adjustable stems in our Full E-Nano Review, and the E-Pick multitool is the key to its success. Most of you probably have a stir tool handy, but this multitool eliminates the guesswork when adjusting the stem. It comes with two separate guidelines for mid sized loads and small microdoses. Insert the tool as far as it will go for regular doses, and use the small notch about half an inch from the bottom for microdoses.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide E-Pick Multitool

Slow and steady wins the race

Convection vaporizers perform at their best when the air has enough time to soak through and vaporize the load. The E-Nano is no exception, but thankfully, it can keep up with just about any draw speed you throw at it. Each vaporizer has its own sweet spot though, and we found that the E-Nano’s lies within a medium, relaxed draw for the absolute best vapor production.

When you take a hard pull, you’ll feel your chest tighten up as the resistance increases. The prime draw speed sits right before any chest tension creeps in, with a slower, more relaxed feel. We found this to work well with both small and large doses, but we encourage you to experiment with it as you play around with different load sizes.

How to microdose

Efficient microdosing is one of the E-Nano’s hottest features, and we highly recommend you give it a go. You’ll want to start by adjusting the bowl, so grab something like a chopstick and push the screen to the top of the stem. Then, use the E-Pick multitool to push the screen down until the edge of the glass touches the first little lip/notch on the tool.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Adjusting Stem to Microdose Setting
Set the bowl to this little notch for microdoses.

Microdoses start at around .02 grams of ground herb, and it doesn’t look like much at all. When tamped down into the stem, it sits just above the heater without touching, and is probably the most you’ll be able to load without singeing. If you don’t have a scale, simply fill enough to cover the bottom of the screen and give it a soft tamp. As long as the herbs aren’t touching the heater, you’ll be good to go. Give it a few short sips, or extract everything in one long pull! 

How to vape larger doses

If you’re not into the tinier doses, let’s venture to the opposite end of the spectrum and fire up some larger loads. We mentioned great experiences with loads as big as a quarter gram, so we’ll shoot for around there. With the glass stem, take your chopstick and push the basket screen down about an inch and a half from the top, shown below:

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Adjusting the Stem for Large Doses
Use the E-Pick Multitool as a reference!

Fill the stem with enough herb to sit a little more than half an inch from the top, and give it a soft tamp. It’s really important not to tamp it down too much with these larger loads so the air has enough room to flow evenly through the material. These bigger loads do well with a few stirs in between, so we encourage you to do so. Your herbs will shrink as they cook, and you can push the basket screen up as your session goes on, to keep the herbs near the heater. 

Try loading whole flowers

The E-Nano’s ability to highlight the flavorful characteristics of your herbs should be on your list of reasons to grab this vaporizer. You’ll experience terpene-rich goodness with ground material, but loading it up with whole flowers is the way to go. You lose a lot of precious crystals when you grind, so cut this process out for full spectrum, herbal flavors.

With the stem set to its regular load size, take a small chunk of material and push it to the bottom. We want the air to travel through the herbs, and not around it, so give it a soft tamp to close up the edges around it. We're highlighting the flavor here, so expect tasty but wispy vapor on the first few hits. I’ll usually break it up and stir after three or four hits, and that’s when the vapor production really takes off.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips & Cleaning Guide

Grab the gong attachment

One of the only complaints we have with the E-Nano is that it can feel a bit too hot on the throat when vaping at higher temperatures. The Adjustable GonG Attachment (water pipe adapter) solves this issue with water-cooled hits that round off the experience perfectly. If you don’t have a glass rig to hook up to, grab the Long Adjustable Stem instead to cool the vapor down.

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide GonG Attachments
EpicVape E-Nano 14mm and 18mm GonG Attachments

How to use concentrates

As mentioned in our E-nano review, this vaporizer does very well with concentrates. To guarantee the best experience, we recommend a few accessories:

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Concentrate Setup
Products shown: Glass Bubbler, POTV ONE Concentrate Insert, 14mm and 18mm E-Nano GonG Attachments

Replace the basket screen in the stem with the concentrate insert and place a rice-grain size amount of material onto the pad. Throw the heater on and enjoy!

EpicVape E-Nano by Epickai Cleaning Guide

The Epickai E-Nano might be the easiest vaporizer to clean and maintain. With only a few steps from start to finish, you’ll have your vape running with a clean slate in no time.

Soak and brush

You’ll only need a few household items for this cleaning.

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A large zip-lock bag
  • A small brush

Since most of the action takes place inside the glass stems, deep cleanings require nothing more than soaking them for a few hours. Remove the silicone grips and put the stems in a large zip-lock bag of rubbing alcohol. Give it a few gentle shakes, and let them sit for a few hours. Rinse, dry, and that’s it!

EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Soaking Glass Stems in Zip-Lock BagIf you tend to leave your vape on for most of the day, leftover bits on the heater or in the well may create a sticky mess. Get into the habit of brushing off the heater and dumping out any bits that fell into the well after each session.EpicVape E-Nano Tips and Cleaning Guide Brushing Off the Heater

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