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Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks

The Ghost MV1 comes with a bit of a learning curve, and our tips and tricks can help ease it.

When Ghost’s MV1 entered the vaporizer scene, it made a splash, with on-demand convection heating, an eye-catching design, and a unique feature set. It takes a little getting used to, which our Ghost MV1 quickstart guide covers, but if you’re already well versed in the daily use of this impressive vape, our tips and tricks can help you take it to the next level.

Adjustable airflow

The MV1’s clear mouthpiece slides in and out of the heatsink, which doesn’t just protect it in your pocket, it also lets you set the resistance. The further the mouthpiece is extended, the more open your draws. Push it closer down to the heatsink, and the resistance will go up. We find the sweet spot is right in the middle, and there’s actually a little indent in the mouthpiece so that it sits about one half to three quarters of an inch above the heatsink. As you use the MV1 vaporizer more, you’ll learn where you like your mouthpiece to sit.

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks - Adjustable Airflow

Custom Temperatures

The MV1 has five herbal temperature settings, and a concentrate mode, right out of the box. If you connect the smartphone app, you can customize the fourth and fifth herbal settings to your liking. Our handy Ghost MV1 app guide will walk you through the pairing process, and show off all the other features the app has to offer.

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks - Custom Temperature

Flip the crucible

We typically find you don’t need to stir the MV1 in the middle of a session, but a handy trick can help ensure you get the most out of every session. Simply wait a few minutes for the crucible to cool down, then pop it out of the holder and rotate it 180 degrees. We find that, in some cases, this can help rejuvenate the end of an oven by applying heat to the cooler side of the oven, like rotating your burgers on the grill.

Mighty Tips and Tricks Flipping the Crucible

Firmly fitted heatsink

If you find that the MV1 isn’t pulling like you’re used to, it might be the heatsink. Press down on top of it to make sure that it’s fully seated in the vaporizer. The top of the heatsink should be level with the metal around where it sits. This shouldn’t be an issues unless you’ve been cleaning or adjusting the vape, but it’s worth looking out for.

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks - Ghost MV1 Heatsink

Start early

If you’re seeking a little more flavor, you can actually start drawing on the Ghost MV1 a few seconds before the second buzz, indicating it’s ready to vape. You aren’t likely to see much in terms of visible vapor, but you will get a nice blast of flavors from your herbs.

Finish late

Conversely, if you’re trying to get a headier hit from your MV1, you can keep going after the active mode shuts off on its own. You can even release the vape button and press it again after a second to immediately initiate a second hit. Just be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll risk overheating your herbs and the MV1.

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks - Ghost MV1 Vape Button


While some herbal vaporizers struggle with concentrates, the Ghost MV1 handles stickier substances readily, thanks to its specially designed concentrate pads and concentrate heat setting. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get your MV1 up and running with concentrates and crumbles, swing on over to our Ghost MV1 concentrate guide for beginning to end instructions.

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide

Crucible dispenser

While it’s more of an optional accessory than a tip, we find the crucible dispenser is a great way to leverage the MV1’s impressive battery life. You can fully load up five crucibles and toss it in your pocket, then swap them out as you go. One handy trick is that the crucibles will load into the dispenser upside down, so you can keep track of which are filled and which are spent at a glance.

Ghost MV1 Tips and Tricks - Crucible Dispenser

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