Haze Square Review

Big Bowls, On-Demand Vapor: The Haze Square Review

The Square, Haze’s second vaporizer, ups the ante with instant heating and four big bowls.

The Haze Square enters the convection portable vaporizer scene with a style and price you can’t get anywhere else. It’s small, but sports four bowls with a huge capacity that really pack a punch, and a USB-C connection for 30 minute recharges. At CAD$249.99, it’s a pocketable powerhouse for the all-day road warrior, and its on-demand heating gives you control over how you want to vape.

Four big pods for all-day use

Let’s start with the obvious - the Haze Square has not two, not three, but four bowls, called pods, that you can load in one sitting and run around with nearly one and a half grams ready to vaporize in an instant. That massive capacity is enough to get heavy users through a full day without reloading, while the average person could find themselves only loading once every few days. Nothing else in the market can accommodate this kind of volume, and it’s not a gimmick - it works!

Versatile, quick-swapping pods

Switching pods is brilliantly done and is as easy and fast as flipping a light switch. The back half of the Square holds the four pods, one in each corner, and can instantly rotate 90° to load a fresh bowl. But it’s not just about holding a lot at once - you can mix and match different strains of dry herbs or extracts for different effects throughout the day, or vaporize all four bowls at low temperatures during the day and the same four bowls at higher temperatures at night. The only limit is your imagination!

Thick, potent vapor

Each of the Square’s four pods is large enough by itself to quickly hit you with some potent vapor. The first couple of draws on a fresh pod are wispy but packed with flavor and effects, and subsequent hits are surprisingly cloudy. The Square’s convection heating tastes great and doesn’t cook your herbs between hits, no matter how long you take. The inert materials used don’t tarnish the flavor, and the ceramic mouthpiece and internal stainless steel plates cool the vapor so it’s never hot or harsh. The Square combines large capacity with strong heat and open air flow so you can quickly take down a lot of vapor for fast, strong effects.

Haze Square Review Mouthpiece

One-hitter vaping

The Square’s on-demand heating works like a true one-hitter that lets you take a quick draw whenever and wherever you want, and throw it back in your pocket to save for later. You can still chain together hits for a session, but the Square doesn’t force that on you, giving you the freedom to vape how you want. From a cold start it can get to temperature in as little as five to 25 seconds depending on the temperature setting, and subsequent hits are ready almost instantly. The pods in the Square are so big that it’s technically a two-hitter for the biggest hits - one wispy hit as the herbs are heated up and another to blow clouds.

Decent battery life with quick USB-C charging

Depending on the style of vaping, we can expect to vaporize all four pods on a single charge (lots of high temperature vaping can drastically cut this time down), and the included USB-C charger can fully replenish in 45 minutes. As if that weren’t enough, the Square can charge while you're vaporizing and is smart enough to stop charging when it gets too hot.

Haze Square Review USB-C Charging

Simple interface

The Square’s controls are easy, intuitive, and rarely require more than one button press, but the on-demand heating requires you to hold the power button in for the entire hit. The main button turns the unit on and engages the heater, while up and down buttons change the temperature and can show the battery level through the color of the power button. There’s a storage slot for the ceramic mouthpiece, and the pods are labeled one through four on the outside so you know which is which. If you’re able to use the app, you can change the temperatures and assign them custom colors. To vaporize, just hold down the button while it heats up, take a draw and release when done.

Great app but limited access

The Square has a really good app, but some people won’t be able to use it. You can customize temperature settings, light colors and vibration feedback, but since the Square doesn’t have bluetooth, it requires a USB-C wired connection that only works on Windows 10, Mac, and Android platforms - not the iPhone. It’s a little unorthodox, but it’s the best they could do without bluetooth, and it’s a nice app that you can set once and forget about.

Ready for herbs or extracts

The Haze Square can also vaporize your extracts, and the convection heating does it with good taste and efficiency by including two stainless steel mesh pads that fit in the bottom of the pods. Out of the box the highest temperature is set to 430° F, but can be set all the way up to 480° F via the app to get everything out of your concentrates. The four pod system introduces the flexibility of countless combinations of herbs or extracts to spice up your day.

Haze Square Review Maintenance

Smart design for DIY maintenance

We love hot-swappable batteries and are disappointed the Square doesn’t have them, but Haze did the next best thing and made it easy for you to replace with just a screwdriver, and the replacement battery only costs CAD$25.99. Haze also did something we’ve never seen before and made the heater user-replaceable, too. If it fails, they only cost CAD$6.49 for two and you swap it out yourself with a pair of tweezers. Future firmware updates can be downloaded so you always have the latest tech, but you need to have or buy a USB-C thumb drive to transfer the firmware from your computer to the Square. The process could be a little smoother, but we really like the Square’s future-proof features.

One must-have accessory

Haze did a great job of packing in everything you need with the Square, but you have to draw the line at some point to keep the price below CAD$250, and the one thing we feel is missing is the Easy Load/Deep Cleaning Tray. It’s only CAD$16.99, and is all but required to reassemble the Square after a deep cleaning, and once we used it to load the pods we never went without it. Do yourself a favor and grab one - we think it’s essential.

Haze Square Review Easy load Tray

Small enough, strong enough

At three inches square and a little over one inch deep the Square fits in any pocket, even if we’d like it to be just a tad smaller. The aluminum outer shell and nine ounce weight combine for a slick and solid feel that suggests a quality you can count on, and we feel sorry for anyone who takes one of its rounded corners to the head!


Height 3 in / 7.6 cm

Width 3 in / 7.6 cm

Length 1.25 in / 3.2 cm

Weight 9 oz / 255 g


Haze covers any workmanship and defect issues with the Square for ten years with a 30-day warranty on the internal battery that can be user-replaced, but isn’t hot-swappable. Like all of our products, the Haze Square vaporizer is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Haze Square Review What's in the box

What’s in the box

Haze Square Vaporizer

4 Material Pods

2 Stainless Steel Concentrate Pads

2 Silicone Lids


Wall Charger

USB-C Charge Cord

Cleaning Tool

Material Tool

User Guide

10 Year Warranty

For best results

The Haze Square is a full convection vaporizer that works best if you pay attention to your draw speed, battery level, maintenance and herb pack. Here are some tips to get you rolling right away.

The Square has a 15 second hit timer, and you’ll get thicker draws if you can pull the entire time. Shorter puffs are thinner.

Power demands are tough with convection vaporizers and a full battery works a little better than one that’s less than half full.

Dirty screens are responsible for a number of problems, from weak vapor to combustion, so keep the pods and upper screens as clean as possible. I like to use an alcohol wipe to clean off the upper screens each time I empty all four pods.

Pay attention to how you pack the pods with herbs and follow these guidelines:

Use a fine to medium grind

Drier herbs vaporize better than wet or sticky herbs.

Fill the pods as much as you can with as light a tamp as possible. You want them full and fluffy.

This is in the instructions but bears repeating - Start your draw after the button turns green, not before. If you start it while it is flashing blue your herbs will likely combust.

More to clean, but less often

Regular maintenance is standard - all you need to do is wipe off the upper screen and pods, preferably with an alcohol pad, after each use. Deeper cleanings are more involved since we need to clean four bowls, but it all comes apart easily. Putting it back together isn’t too hard to figure out, but it’s picky and will misfire if any of the seals aren’t tight. Haze sells a Deep Cleaning Tray that makes it easy to assemble and also doubles as an Easy Load Tray, so definitely pick one of those up.

Haze Square Review Swappable Pods

Who is the Haze Square for?

The Square is perfect for loading once and being ready all day long, and the large capacity pods quickly deliver strong effects. It’s quick to recharge via the USB-C port and with passthrough charging there’s no reason for down time. It’s a great road warrior companion and an easy-to-use one-hitter, and you won’t get bored with four pods to load with any combination you want.

Who is the Haze Square not for?

The Square’s large capacity pods can deliver vapor that might be too intense for light users. Haze is working on a configuration for smaller loads, but until then anyone who only vaporizes small amounts might want to wait on the sidelines to see what develops. Hits get thicker with longer pulls, and people who can’t draw deeply might be more satisfied with a conduction vaporizer, like the PAX 3 or XMAX Starry, that starts thick but thins out through longer hits.

Our take

Haze has been teasing us with details about the Square for over two years now, and it was worth the wait. Released at a time when on-demand convection vapes are popping up everywhere, the Square distinguishes itself with the lowest price of the bunch and four large bowls that can hold an entire day’s worth of goodies for the power user. We’d like to see better battery life, but the workarounds of passthrough and fast USB-C charging make up for it. When all is said and done, the Square is pushing the envelope by including features not yet seen in portable vaporizers, and the versatile, hard-hitting four bowl system seems already perfected.

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