how to change the easy valve bag in the volcano vaporizer

How to Change out Your Volcano Easy Valve Bag

Our short video will show you how to swap out the bag on your Easy Valve with Adapter, and keep...

When Storz & Bickel released the updated Easy Valve for the Volcano Vaporizer, it added quality of life improvements, but the tradeoff was a completely disposable design. The Easy Valve with Adapter lets you replace the bag, saving plastic and giving you the opportunity to customize your bag length. It’s the best of both worlds.

Removing the old bag

Taking off an empty bag is easy. Wiggle the black plastic ring while pulling away from the mouthpiece, then slide it over the bag and set it aside. Pull back the edge of the plastic until the silicone O-ring comes loose from the mouthpiece, and set that aside too.

A cleaning opportunity

While you have the mouthpiece taken apart, this would be a great time to clean up a little bit. Give the plastic mouthpiece a scrub in warm, soapy water, then rinse it off. While you let it dry, prepare your next bag by cutting it to your desired length. You can go as short as a few feet, or as long as ten feet for the whole roll. Fasten one end with a twist-tie, zip-tie, or paper clip, and open up the other end so there’s an open air path into the bag.

Attaching the new bag

Scrunch the open end of the bag into the silicone O-ring, and pull it down half an inch or so. Fold the bag outward around the O-ring, then stretch it back over the end of the mouthpiece. It helps to start on one side, then use the edge of the bag to pull it around the rest of the cone. Pull the plastic retaining ring back over the mouthpiece, and wiggle it down until it clicks into place.

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