Volcano Easy Valve vs Solid Valve | 2018 Update

Every Volcano Classic and Digit now comes with an Easy Valve Starter Set. The only real question left is whether you should you...

You’re getting an Easy Valve.

Every Volcano Classic and Digit now comes with an Easy Valve Starter Set. The only real question left is whether you should you shell out another CAD$129 for the Solid Valve Set.

For most users, the answer is no, mostly thanks to the new Easy Valve with a replaceable bag. Your starter set includes four disposable Easy Valves, and the updated Easy Valve with Adapter, which allows you to replace the bag rather than throwing out the mouthpiece and bag together. Its inclusion with every Volcano gives the Easy Valve an edge, but the Solid Valve still has some advantages. Let’s take a look at both.

Volcano Easy Valve vs Solid Valve - Planet of the Vapes

A better Easy Valve

The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit include an Easy Valve Starter Set. In the box, you'll find four disposable bag & valve sets, plus one with an adapter that lets you swap out the bag. Clean the mouthpiece, change out the bag, and you’re ready to get back to vaping. Plus, you can stretch it out to 10 feet, or leave it at something a little more modest, just like the Solid Valve.

Only the Easy Valve lets you throw in the Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules that fit the Mighty & Crafty Vaporizers, with the help of the Filling Chamber Reducer that sells for CAD$17.99. They’re small, but perfect for solo sessions.

Is the Solid Valve dead?

No. Storz & Bickel will continue offering the Solid Valve, so users who prefer it can purchase replacement parts when needed. Despite the Easy Valve’s improvements, the Solid Valve still has some advantages. It has a larger, adjustable bowl, so it works for parties and personal sessions without any extra pieces. It’s still a slightly more sustainable option and should stand up to years of use and cleaning better than the Easy Valve. Most importantly, it just feels SOLID.

The old argument settled

The Volcano vaporizer now includes the Easy Valve Set, whether you like it or not. Give it a spin, replace some bags, and see how it holds up. If you find yourself paying CAD$14 for a new Easy Valve with Adapter on a regular basis, or are often flying through dosing capsules on your own, the CAD$129 Solid Valve could be a decent upgrade. For most Volcano owners, the Easy Valve is just right.

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