PAX 3 complete kit vs basic kit information

PAX 3 Complete Kit vs Basic Kit

PAX offers two different flavors of the same PAX 3 vaporizer in the form of accessory kits. 

PAX 3 Complete Kit vs Basic Kit

PAX offers two different flavors of the same PAX 3 vaporizer in the form of accessory kits. These two options match users with exactly what they need for their vaping style -- with the right price to match.

There’s a PAX 3 Complete Kit (CAD$319) with all the bells and whistles including the Concentrate Insert for the extract inclined, and a Basic Kit (CAD$259) with everything you need to vape dry herbs on-the-go.

*Note* What we are calling the "Basic Kit," PAX has listed as "device only" on their website.  If you order a "Device Only" kit from PAX or a "Basic Kit" from us, you will receive the same thing, and it does includes everything you need to vaporize.  See details below...

PAX 3 Complete Kit Information - Planet of the Vapes

PAX 3 Complete Kit: Concentrates & More

Speaking of things that are identical, the PAX 3 complete kit is essentially the same as the initial PAX 3’s release kit. It includes a PAX 3, charger, flat and raised mouthpieces, cleaning kit, half-pack lid, concentrate insert, 3 extra screens, and a multi-tool -- a CAD$35 value -- to help prevent scratches and dings.

So if you want to vape concentrates in your PAX 3, the Complete Kit is the obvious choice. And for those that like vaping smaller loads or like the added value of some useful extras, the PAX 3 Complete Kit delivers CAD$130 in accessories for just CAD$60 more than the Basic Kit.

Complete Kit

Basic Kit

Flat Mouthpiece
Raised Mouthpiece
10 Year Warranty
Cleaning Kit
Standard Oven Lid
Half-Pack Oven Lid
Concentrate Insert
Extra Screens
Soft Pouch

PAX 3 Basic Kit information - Planet of the vapes

PAX 3 Basic Kit: The lower-cost, dry herb choice

The PAX 3 Basic Kit cuts down on the accessories, while still providing the essentials and will cover most people's needs. It includes the PAX 3, a cleaning kit, a charger and the flat and raised mouthpieces. You save CAD$60 vs. the Complete kit.  For a $259 kit, that’s a great deal for a ultra-portable high-tech performer.

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Which one should I buy?

While the Basic Kit lacks some of the useful accessories that are included in the Complete Kit, the most notable absence is the concentrate insert. A new addition for the PAX 3 release, the concentrate insert allows users to take their gooier substances to go. It costs CAD$68 on its own, so if you might end up needing it, you may as well spend the extra CAD$60 for the Complete Kit and get an extra CAD$130 worth of accessories for free.

If you are a dry-herb only vaporist or prefer to vape concentrates from a pen, the Basic Kit is a great choice at CAD$259.  As a dry-herb only vaporist, the only accessories that I'm missing in the Basic kit are the extra screens and the multi-tool, which would cost you CAD$26 if purchased separately.  But if you're a dry-herb vaper and would like a carrying case or the option to load half packs, the Complete Kit is the way to go.

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