PAX 3 Concentrate Insert

Upgrade Your PAX 3 With the Concentrate Insert

PAX 3 owners looking to add in concentrate support are in luck! You can now buy the Concentrate Insert on...

PAX has evolved over the years, adding in Bluetooth connectivity, faster heat up times, and a number of new finishes. The latest addition, a concentrate insert, brought stickier substances to the PAX 3, a previously herbal-only vaporizer.

The PAX 3 Complete Kit includes the Concentrate Insert, among other accessories, but if you wanted just the insert, you were out of luck -- until now. We’re able to sell the Concentrate Insert on its own, so you can add a Concentrate Insert to your Device Only PAX 3, or replace one if you lose it.

How it works

To use your concentrate insert, simply pop the metal lid off carefully, and scrape a bit of your favorite goo into the container using the included tool. Clamp it back shut, and drop it into the oven, just like your regular lid. Just make sure not to load too much inside, as it could make a mess if it overflows. If you're looking for more tips on getting the most from this accessory, make sure to check out our full Concentrate Insert Guide.

Turn up the heat

While your results may vary by substance stickiness, we recommend turning the heat all the way up to the fourth, highest setting. This will ensure complete extraction, and should maintain a decent amount of flavor too. Unfortunately, in our testing, the PAX 2 doesn’t reach consistently high enough temperature to vaporize concentrates as well.

Clean it often

You should stay on top of cleaning the insert, and not just so it stays nice and tasty. The seal around the lid can get gummed up over time, and can even result in damage to the silicone ring and lid. We recommend cleaning after every use to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Check it out in the store

The PAX Concentrate Insert is available in the Planet of the Vapes store, and like all of our products, carries our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t already have a PAX 3 vaporizer, the Complete Kit includes a concentrate insert, some extra screens, a multi-tool, and a half-pack lid for smaller sessions.

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