PAX App Solution for iPhones

PAX released a simple app workaround for Apple/iOS users and we’re here to give you the rundown.

PAX released a simple app workaround for Apple/iOS users, and we’re here to give you the rundown. This solution works for all PAX products (minus the PAX 2), but we'll only be covering the PAX 3 for this walkthrough.

You'll need an internet connection for this to work, and unfortunately there's no more games, but all the heat, light, and haptic feedback settings are still available. Grab your iDevice and let's jump in.

Download the App

First, open up the App Store and download the Connect Browser app. You can also scan the QR code on the image below. Open it up and grant it access to Bluetooth.

PAX 3 App Solution Download App

Pair your Pax 3

Click the url bar up top and go to Choose PAX 3 and then enter the serial number located on the back of your vape.

PAX 3 App Solution Pair  your PAX 3

Turn your PAX 3 on and shake it until the petals turn blue. Then, with bluetooth enabled, press “Connect” on the app, choose your PAX, and you’re good to go.

PAX 3 App Solution Pair your PAX 3
Your PAX 3 will heat up immediately, so if you’re not ready for a session, press the lock button on the app to turn off the heater.PAX 3 App Solution Lock Device

Set an exact temp or choose a heating profile

From the main screen, set your PAX 3 to whatever temperature you choose, down to the exact degree, or choose one of four heating profiles.

Standard - default setting. Temperature boosts when you draw, auto-cools when you don’t.
Boost - aggressively limits auto cooling for longer, stronger sessions.
Efficiency - automatically increases the temp over the length of the session.
Stealth - stays at lower temps, with quicker cooling, so your exhales aren’t as obvious.
Flavor - stays at low temps, but only heats up when you are drawing, for maximum flavor.

PAX 3 App Solution Heat Settings

Adjust brightness and haptics

Use the settings button to adjust the brightness and haptic feedback, choose one of four light color modes, as well as change the name of your PAX 3.

PAX 3 App Solution Light and Haptic Settings

No more games

While you’re still able to play games on your PAX 3, you can longer choose games with this app workaround. What you see above is all you get. No more games. :(


It’s been well over a year since Apple removed all vaporizer apps from their App store, and for a while, PAX 3 users couldn’t take advantage of what made the PAX 3 unique. This workaround finally gives us a reason to break it out again, with in-depth settings and heating profiles, and a reason to choose this PAX over the PAX 2.

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