PAX Era: A Step Into Concentrates

PAX Era: A Step Into Concentrates

The PAX Era reaches across concentrate / herbal vape aisle with pre-filled cartridges and a slim, discreet design. Make no...

PAX has already shown its prowess at herbal vaporization across three generations of impressive portable products, but the world is looking towards oil, and so is PAX. The PAX Era reaches across that aisle with pre-filled cartridges and a slim, discreet design. Make no mistake though, the Era is uncharted territory for PAX, and the San Francisco company will have to prove itself to a different crowd.

Fast facts

  • Priced at $45
  • Available now in Colorado and California
  • Works with pre-filled CO2 oil pods
  • Heats up in Under 15 seconds
  • PAX Vapor App Allows you to Customize Your Experience
  • Firmware Upgradeable and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Vibration Feedback
  • 2,600 mAh battery
  • 4+ Temperature Settings
  • 45 Minute Charge Time
  • 1 Year Warranty

PAX Era Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

(images from PAX Labs, Inc.)

Just the good stuff

Unlike the perennial PAX lineup, the Era doesn't allow you to load your own materials. Instead, PAX is working with refineries in Colorado and California to fill cartridges with oils before you buy them. How much each of these pods cost will depend on who made them, and where you buy them. For the moment, to make things simple, PAX is only shipping the Era to the two states mentioned above.

A better way

It's tough to compare the Era to the PAX 2 or 3, because the whole basis for the PAX line is portable, herbal vaporization. Disposable or refillable cartridges are inconsistent at best, and the batteries that go with them are imprecise and prone to charging issues. PAX's experience in intuitive design and solid functionality will come as a relief to frustrated disposable users.

When it comes to input and feature set, the two devices start to show their similarities. They both sport the same four petal LED interface, although the Era forgoes a button and multiple modes for a shake-based input system to change the temperature and turn the Era on or off.

Both the PAX Era and PAX 3 also pack in Bluetooth, so they can connect to the smartphone app.

PAX Vapor App

While the PAX Vapor App is currently in its early stage, it does provide some convenient features for Era owners. By connecting over Bluetooth, users can change the temperature beyond the four default settings, tuning vapor production up or down in 10 or one degree increments.

PAX App with PAX Era - Planet of the Vapes

(images from PAX Labs, Inc.)

There are other settings and convenience features as well. There are three color themes for the LED petals on the front of the device, and the app allows you to instantly select one of the three games without having to roll the Era. A child lock mode will close out the Era without an app connection, preventing accidental or unauthorized use.

The app is important in that it adds firmware upgrades and the possibility of new features, games, and improvements down the road. It's also nice to see full app support even without spending over $100 on a device.

Quick on the draw

Heating on-demand means the PAX Era doesn't need much of a battery, so the slimmed down unit holds just 2,600 maH, compared to the PAX 3's 3,500 mAh battery pack. That also means a slightly shorter 90 minute charge time, the hour it takes to charge the PAX 3.

That doesn't mean it will drain faster though. There's no warm-up time on the Era, it just starts working as soon as you draw. PAX quotes a 45 minute charge time as result, but that should be enough for a lot of puffs before you have to plug it in.

Sleek and subtle

Where the newest PAX 3 has taken on a variety of exciting colors and finishes, the Era only comes in dressed-down slate. At just 3.3 inches long, and less than half an inch thick, the PAX Era might take up less space in your pocket than your keys.

That doesn't stop the pen from feeling sturdy, in a way that should put your mind at ease if you're already using pen-shaped batteries and cartridges. It charges via micro USB, so charging is convenient and inconspicuous.

PAX Era Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

(images from PAX Labs, Inc.)

It's unfortunate, but understandable, that the Era is only available in two states at the time of writing, because its impressive feature set and competitive $60 price point has a much more widespread appeal.

What’s In The Box


USB Charger

1 Year Warranty 

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