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Planet of the Vapes ONE Comparison Guide

From internals to accessories, we break down the differences between the Planet of the Vapes ONE, Fury 2, and others.

The Planet of the Vapes ONE might look familiar. We took the popular Fenix Mini / Fury 2 platform, added vibration feedback, made the screen flippable, changed some internals, and came up with an Accessory Attachment you’re gonna love. We ended up with a vaporizer that’s an incredible value, but we don’t want you confused about all the options. This guide will walk you through the important differences of every model, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

New features

First off, since the ONE can be used in a number of configurations, we added the ability to flip the screen, so you’re never trying to read it upside down. We also included one of our favorite features, vibration feedback. Now the ONE will vibrate when you turn it on, when it reaches temperature, and when it turns off. With vibration feedback in place, the red and green lights were redundant, so we got rid of them altogether.

Planet of the Vapes ONE display upside down with other Fenix Mini and Fury 2 and Sutra Vaporizers

Under the hood

The ONE comes with a robust stainless steel heater and responsive aluminum bowl that perfectly roast your herbs every time, without stirring or special technique. Take a look at the table below for construction details on other models. The other change we made was to mouthpiece screen, which had a surprisingly big impact. The mesh screen we installed doesn’t clog as easily as the stamped metal screen in other models, and doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.

Planet of the Vapes ONE with Other Fenix Mini Vaporizers

Fun with glass

Don’t let the small size fool you, the ONE is strong enough to power big hits from glass pipes and bubblers. However, the current glass options use an insert that reduces the bowl size by more than half, taking the teeth out of hits that should be memorable. Enter the ONE Accessory Attachment, that doesn’t just attach to your glass collection, but does it with all the force of a full bowl of herbs. It comes included with every ONE purchased, and can be upgraded with hot-swappable bubblers and a water pipe adapter.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Mouthpieces

Lots of accessories

The ONE comes with the standard mouthpiece, the Accessory Attachment with black tinted glass stem, and a full set of useful accessories. In addition to the usual stuff like a brush and loading tool, you’ll get a stainless steel mesh pad for concentrates, and a stainless steel dosing capsule for quicker, on-the-go refills.

Wrap it up

The Planet of the Vapes ONE takes what we already know is a great vaporizer and makes it considerably better, with long-needed features and a smart glass solution. If you were smart enough to pick up one of the other versions in the last two years, well done - they’re great vapes. The good news is you can still purchase our Accessory Attachment separately and enjoy your vape with all of our glass options!

  Planet of the Vapes ONE Fury 2 Others (Fenix Mini, Sutra Mini, Quant, Grindhouse, Hippie Rebel, etc.)
Features Vibration feedback, flip screen, 3 clicks on/off 3 clicks on/off Standard feature set
Mouthpiece Standard and glass Standard Standard
Hardware Stainless steel heater, aluminum chamber, mesh mouthpiece screen NiChrome heater, Stainless steel chamber, stamped metal mouthpiece screen NiChrome heater, Aluminum chamber, stamped metal mouthpiece screen
Included accessories Standard with mesh pad, extra glass mouthpiece, dosing capsule Standard with mesh pad, top cover, wall plug Standard w/quartz cup
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