Planet of the Vapes ONE Quickstart Guide

We’ll put you on the fast track to success with the ONE with our user guide.

The Planet of the Vapes ONE is easy to use, and gets good results. It’s also versatile, with two mouthpieces, a collection of glass to connect with, and lots of accessories in the box. We’ll fast track you to a fun introduction to your ONE with the right settings, and get you started off on the right foot.

Fully charge first

We know you’re excited, but first things first. Charge the ONE for two hours before your first use by plugging the included MicroUSB cord into your vaporizer, and the other end into a wall USB charger. The battery icon will display as full when charging is complete. You can also use your computer’s USB port, but it may take longer to charge.

Planet of the Vapes ONE with charging cable plugged in

Dig into the box!

In addition to the ONE and the micro-USB charge cord, you’ll find the Standard Mouthpiece and a box of accessories. You won’t need any of these for this first session, so you can set those aside for now. If you decide to dig in, you’ll find a cleaning brush, tweezers, packing tool, an extra gasket with screen, one dosing capsule, and one concentrate pad. Safety and Warranty Information, and a Quick Start Guide are under the foam insert.

Burn-off cycle second

It’s always a good idea to run a burn-off session with a new vaporizer, to remove any residue that may be left over from manufacturing or shipping. Turn the ONE on by quickly pressing the power button three times, and set the temperature to 430°F, or 221°C. Let the ONE run until it shuts down, and continue running burn-offs until any odors are gone.

Start with a medium grind

The ONE works well with any grind, but for the first session let’s use a medium grind. Mainly, we’re trying to avoid any small bits falling through the screen in the bottom of the oven.

Don’t pack it tight

Remove the mouthpiece, and tap the sides of the vaporizer to settle the ground herbs, as you fill the oven loosely. Once it’s full, gently press the herbs until they’re level with the top of the metal oven. If you weigh your herbs, aim for between 0.1 and 0.15 grams,just make sure you don’t pack it tightly. Put the glass mouthpiece back on the vaporizer.

Turn it on and set the temperature

Press the big button three times quickly to turn on the ONE, and use the small buttons to adjust the temperature to 370°F (188°C), if you’re new to vaporizing. Turn it up to 390°F (200°C) if you already know you like thicker vapor.


The ONE will vibrate when you turn it on, and then when it reaches temperature and it’s time to vape. Inhale through the mouthpiece for at least three seconds. Your first, tasty hit might tickle the back of your throat, and have a light cloud on exhale. Later hits will get thicker, as the taste slowly fades. Keep hitting it until it turns off automatically or, if you’re done sooner, turn it off yourself with three clicks of the big button.

Quick clean up

Cleaning up is easier done sooner than later, just don’t rush in so quickly that you burn yourself on hot parts. Take off the mouthpiece, empty the oven, and brush off the mouthpiece screen with the included brush. If you need a deeper cleaning, our maintenance guide can help you take everything apart and put it back together.

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve got this down, head over to our Tips and Tricks guide to help you find your favorite settings, and get you started off with the right glass accessory.

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