Sticky Brick Vaporizers Quickstart Guide

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Quickstart Guide

Follow along with our quickstart guide to jump right into thick, tasty vapor from your Sticky Brick.

The Sticky Brick lineup brings true, instant hits with no waste to the vaping scene. Its simple, artistic design allows for tasty and efficient vapor without the need for extra batteries or a charging outlet, and can handle a number of different load sizes. This guide caters to all of the Sticky Brick vaporizers, so grab yours and let’s start vaping!

What’s in the box

All Sticky Brick Vaporizers include:

  • Single-flame torch lighter
  • 2 x carb corks
  • 1 x stainless stir stick
  • 2 x wooden stir sticks
  • 6 x screens
  • 2 x restrictor discs (one installed)
  • 1 x Sticky Pad

The Sticky Brick Maxx includes

  • Everything listed above
  • 2 x storage corks
  • 1 x medical-grade silicone whip
  • 1 x 18mm male connection
  • 1 x 18mm female connection
  • 1 x 14mm male connection

Sticky Brick Whats in the box

Pictured: Sticky Brick Runt

Fill your Torch Lighter

Sticky Brick torches are shipped empty, for your protection. Fill yours with high quality butane. Turn the torch upside down, and press your butane tank into the filling hole for four to five seconds, or until it stops filling.

Sticky Brick Filling your torch

The torch will get cold, so hold it in your hand for about 30 seconds until it’s back to room temperature before you use it. Multi-flame torches work with the Sticky Brick lineup, but aren’t necessary.

Set your flame level

It’s important to nail the right flame setting before you get started, and each person is different. You may like a smaller, gentler flame for more flavor control, while others prefer larger flames for bigger hits. Use the adjuster on the bottom of the lighter until the flame is as low as it will go, without flickering, for this first session.

Use a medium grind

The Sticky Brick vaporizers can handle a variety of packs, but most people prefer a medium grind and a soft tamp. If you bought from Planet of the Vapes, the included grinder works well. Grind your herbs and fill your Brick anywhere from a quarter full, all the way up to the inner rim. You can get full, rich vapor anywhere in between.

The Restrictor Disc

Sticky Bricks, such as the OG Sticky Brick, come with a restrictor disc installed, which absorbs a lot of the heat the torch can dish out, and keeps you from igniting your herbs. It’s a shiny little metal insert under the flame intake, above the bowl.

Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc

Pictured: Sticky Brick Jr

Think of it as a set of training wheels while you learn to tame the torch. If you find the vapor isn’t strong enough, it’s time to remove the restrictor disc.

Light It up

For this first session, we’re going to lean on the side of low temperature flavor, instead of heavy clouds. To get ready for your first hit, plug the carb hole on the rear side with the included carb cork (not necessary with the Flip Brick) and bring the unit up to your lips. Ignite your torch and put the aura of the flame about half an inch from the intake. Start inhaling gently, and continue to direct the flame into the glass intake.

Sticky Brick torch level and distance

Sticky Brick vapes, such as the Sticky Brick Junior, engage all your senses. Listen for a deep whistle as the flame hits the intake, to tell you the torch is aimed correctly. Look for the mouthpiece to cloud up as the air heats. Feel the warmth on your tongue and throat, until it’s warm enough to notice without any discomfort. To increase the temperature, move the flame closer and/or slow your draw rate. To decrease the temperature, move the flame farther away and/or increase your draw rate.

Stir as needed

As with most convection vaporizers, stirring helps to evenly and fully extract everything from your herbs with the Sticky Brick. Once the vapor stops, give it a quick swirl and fire it up again, before tossing it and moving on to the next bowl.


Save yourself some time down the road, and empty out your bowl after each session. While the bowl is still warm, brush out any leftovers. Make this a habit, to go longer between deep cleanings. Check out our Sticky Bricks Cleaning Guide for more details.

Sticky Brick Oven

Practice makes perfect

Sticky Brick vaporizers take some finesse and technique to fully master, but reward beautifully when you nail it. These vaporizers can cater to all different types of vaporists, be it flavor lovers or cloud chasers. Play around with different flame levels and draw speeds, and find what works best for you.

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