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XMAX Starry Vaporizer First Look

...a solid little portable vape that performs well, has lots of features and has an introductory price point even though...

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I got my hands on the Starry from XMAX and have been running it through its paces. I’m pretty impressed! It’s a solid little portable vape that performs well, has lots of features and has an introductory price point even though it feels like vapes twice as expensive.

Fast facts:

  • Priced at CAD$155.00
  • Swappable 18650 Battery
  • Digital Temperature Control 212° - 464° F / 100° - 240° C
  • 25 Second Heat Up Time to 390°F (35 seconds to max temp. of 464F)
  • Ceramic Conduction Oven
  • 70 Minutes of Continuous Vape Time
  • 0.17 Gram Bowl Capacity (0.35 Gram With a Tight Pack)
  • 1 Year Warranty From POTV (XMAX’s is 6 Months)

X Max Starry Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Impressive size and build quality

The Starry checks in just a little bit taller and wider than the PAX 3, so this thing is perfect for travelling in your pocket, and feels just as durable and well made.  The anodized aluminum shell and the ceramic mouthpiece with magnetic closure give this vape a quality feel that you would expect from something twice the price.

X Max Starry Vaporizer PAX 3 Vaporizer DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Side By Side - Planet of the Vapes

Heat up time

I got to top temp in 35 seconds, and to my preferred vape temp of 390 in 25 seconds.  Plenty fast enough!

X Max Starry Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


For CAD$155, this thing is feature rich!  The Starry’s feature set included full digital temperature control, the option to choose between 5 and 10 minutes for the auto-shutoff timer, and a magnetic lid that stays put in the pocket and even sticks to the vape while you’re loading it.  The mouthpiece is made of ceramic zirconia which doesn’t add any off-flavors and has a nice feel on the lips.

X Max Starry Vaporizer Oven - Planet of the Vapes

Removable battery

The Starry is powered by one swappable 18650 battery that loads from the bottom, so if you run out of power on the road just switch it out with a fresh battery.  Because Lithium Ion batteries have a lifespan around 500 charge-discharge cycles, your Starry will never become a paperweight because the battery died. 

X Max Starry Swappable Battery - Planet of the Vapes

Battery life

The stock 5 amp battery that came with the Starry gave us 9 sessions with a 10 minute timer on a single charge, and 14 sessions with the timer set to 5 minutes.  Whichever way you choose to go you will have plenty of battery life, even if you don’t bring a spare.

X Max Starry Whats In The Box

Sum it up

I’m pretty excited about the Starry, as I haven’t come across a portable vape yet with this combination of performance, build quality, features and price.  It’s durable, attractive, full of features, vapes well with good taste, and leaves me feeling like it should cost a whole lot more!

Editor's Note:  This article was originally published April 2017 and has since been reworked and updated for accuracy
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