POTV ONE Capsule Caddy

This product is compatible with: Planet of the Vapes ONE Dosing Capsules, Planet of the Vapes ONE

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Planet of the Vapes ONE Dosing Capsules



Planet of the Vapes ONE

sale price: C$99.95 regular price: C$124.95


  • Take your prepacked dosing capsules anywhere
  • Holds up to four dosing capsules
  • Smell-proof & water-proof
  • Keyring included
Regular price C$7.95
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Travel Caddy for POTV ONE Dosing Capsules

Take your prepacked dosing capsules on the go with the Planet of the Vapes Dosing Capsule Caddy! This metallic travel caddy holds up to four POTV ONE dosing capsules with a water-proof and smell-proof seal. Pack your capsules, load them into the caddy, and then hook it onto a keychain, belt loop, or travel pouch with the included keychain ring.

For the traveling user, this is a must-have accessory for quick, seamless sessions wherever you are.

Secure and discreet

The POTV Capsule Caddy is a secure and safe way to carry a few dosing capsules wherever you go. Prepack your capsules and fill the caddy with up to four at a time, twist the lid tightly, and then securely hook it onto your belt loop, keychain, or travel pouch.

When you’re ready, simply drop a capsule into the oven and enjoy! When it’s time to reload, easily swap another capsule in without drawing any unwanted attention.

Smell-proof and water-proof

Keep your herbs fresh and safe from the elements with our dosing capsule caddy. These caddies are designed with an airtight seal to keep unwanted odors in and water out.

Compatible with POTV ONE dosing Capsules ONLY

This capsule caddy is compatible with POTV ONE dosing capsules ONLY. They will not fit POTV Lobo or XMAX V3 Pro Dosing Capsules.

Looking for the POTV Lobo Capsule Caddy?

Official POTV accessory

This is the official dosing capsule caddy for POTV ONE dosing capsules - designed, tested, and approved by our team of product experts and engineers.

Return policy

We only accept returns for accessories if they are within 30 days, unused and unopened, or if they are being returned with a vaporizer under our 14-day satisfaction policy. See more of our POTV Parts and Accessories.

POTV ONE Capsule Caddy FAQs

How do you load the caddy?
Unscrew the top of the POTV Dosing Capsule Caddy and put your dosing capsules in the tube. Then screw the top back on until it is snug..

How many capsules does the caddy hold?
The POTV Dosing Capsule Caddy holds up to four dosing capsules.

Is the caddy smell-proof?
Yes! The o-ring by the threads keeps the smells in and the liquids out.

What to avoid
V3 Pro capsules! These capsules are a hair bigger than POTV ONE capsules and will get stuck in the POTV ONE Dosing Capsule Caddy.

Lobo dosing capsules will not fit into the POTV ONE Dosing Capsule Caddy.

Don’t over-tighten the lid and stress the o-ring. If the o-ring starts to bulge out, loosen the cap a little bit.


Technical specifications

  • Height - 62.5mm
  • Diameter - 13mm
  • Weight - 9.3 grams


Planet of the Vapes ONE

sale price: C$99.95 regular price: C$124.95


POTV ONE Essentials Bundle

sale price: C$159.95 regular price: C$214.70


Planet of the Vapes ONE Dosing Capsules



POTV ONE Dosing Capsule Caddy Insert for Tightvac



Mouthpiece screens for POTV (Pack of 4)


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Mar S.
Canada Canada

I found it too clunky, and maybe I'm spoiled now with the pot v one. So we exchanged for another pot v one. It's sooo awesome.