Arizer Argo First Look

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer First Look

The Arizer ArGo is the first truly pocket friendly vape from Arizer and after spending a week with it we...

Arizer spent 2017 updating their portables vaporizers and the ArGo, short for Arizer Go, stands as Arizer’s first truly pocket friendly vape. After spending a week with the ArGo, we can definitely say it successfully brings Arizer trademark quality vapor with you on the go.

 Arizer ArGo vaporizer available now

Fast facts:

  • Priced at CAD$216.99
  • Full digital temperature control 122 - 428° F / 50 - 220° C
  • 60 seconds heat up time to 390° F (90 seconds to max temp 428° F) on a fresh battery
  • Hybrid convection / conduction heating
  • 100 minutes of continuous vape time
  • 0.15 Grams bowl capacity (0.30 grams jam packed)
  • 2 Year warranty on workmanship and defects, excluding battery, lifetime warranty on heating element, no warranty on glass 

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ArGo Oven - Planet of the vapes

Tasty vapor and wide open airflow

The Arizer ArGo airpath is made from the same quality materials found in every Arizer vape -- ceramics, stainless steel, and glass. Arizer also outfitted the ArGo with wide open airflow, putting it on par with both the Air 2 and Solo 2, despite it's slightly narrower, longer bowl.

We turned the temperature down 5-10 degrees on the ArGo for similar vapor results to where we might set our Arizer Air 2 or Solo 2, which gave us 6-8 nice draws in an eight minute session. The first is wispy and tasty, while 2-4 are cloudy and impressive. It pumps out smooth, tasty vapor that falls just short of the Mighty vaporizer's flavor and coolness.

60 second heat up

The ArGo will hit 390° F in 60 seconds, and 428° F in 90 seconds, on a full battery. With just one battery bar left, it can take up to two minutes to reach 390° F. At these speeds the ArGo can’t keep up with some of the fastest vapes on the market, but it is similar to the Crafty vaporizer.

The heat up time at full charge won’t bother you, but we recommend keeping the battery topped off to avoid any potential waiting around.

ArGo Battery - Planet of the Vapes

Good battery life and swappable batteries

We love swappable batteries, and both the ArGo and Air 2 reach for the same 3400 mAh, 3.7V 18650 rechargeable. We were able to get around 100 minutes of continuous use on a single battery, enough for nine full bowls.

Since the batteries are easily swappable, you can pop in the extra you’ve been charging and keep vaping. It’s great for long trips, or places you’ll be without a plug for a while, as your vape time is only limited by how many charged batteries fit in your bag.

Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer ArGo vaporizer - planet of the vapes

Built for travel

The ArGo’s enclosed design means you can finally throw a loaded and ready Arizer vape in your pocket, without any extra pieces to keep track of. The ArGo is just over 3 inches tall and 1 inch thick, small enough to fit in your palm or pocket, but it isn’t just size that makes it extra pocketable.

Where the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 require you to carry around a separated loaded stem, the ArGo's glass stem sits inside the vape body letting you keep it packed, ready to go and safe from breaking or spilling.

The ArGo is built for durability during its life of travel, with a tough aluminum and silicone-coated plastic shell. This vape is truly ready for the road.

Arizer Argo Stem - Planet of the Vapes

Smaller vape, smaller bowl

The ArGo’s slightly smaller stem still holds up to almost .3 grams of coarsely shredded herbs, but we found that right around .15 grams provided looser, better hits. This pack size will work for most users perfectly, although you may end up reaching for a second bowl sooner than you might with other vapes.

It’s easy enough to reload, simply blow out the old stem, tear off a small chunk of your herbs, and stuff them into the end of the stem. Simple.

Arizer Argo Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Full control

Just like the Air 2, the session controls are right on-board, with no app needed. The ArGo has full digital temperature controls, battery indicator, and you can control start-up timer, shut-off timer, screen brightness, beep volume, and the option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to take the Arizer experience on the road, the ArGo is the only Arizer that is truly and easily portable by our standards. It carries a cost premium, so if you vaping at home more often than not, the Solo 2 has a several day battery life and a quick, 20 second heat up time to consider. The ArGo is just pocketable in a way the Solo 2 and Air 2 can’t touch.

There are little qualms of course, vibration feedback would be a nice touch, and its heat-up time isn’t as fast as some other portable vaporizers. Otherwise, the Arizer tech translates excellently to the more portable format, delivering clean, tasty vapor, and we’ll be reaching for it often.

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