Crafty Vaporizer Update

Crafty Vaporizer Update

The compact Crafty vaporizer sets the bar high for portable vapes and thanks to a recent update, newer devices will...

Crafty Vaporizer 2017 update

The compact, precise Crafty vaporizer sets the bar high for portable vaporizers, and we expect nothing less from Storz & Bickel, creator of the legendary Volcano vaporizer. Thanks to a recent update, newer devices will be seeing longer battery life, a firmware update and the latest version of the smartphone app will have some new features included.  The Mighty vaporizer, the larger portable from Storz & Bickel, has also received a few new upgrades with the latest push.

Unfortunately, most of these new app features will only be available to those with firmware V02.51 or newer. Double unfortunately there is no way to update the firmware on a Crafty vaporizer so those with V02.50 and older will only be able to customize notifications and manage multiple vapes with the new app.  The other features we talk about here will show up, but will not be useable if you own an older model.

To figure out which Crafty vaporizer you have and what features you can take advantage of click here >>

20% more battery life

The most notable change to the Crafty is a battery life that Storz & Bickel claims to be 20% longer than the original. In our test, we were able to get 6 full 5-minute sessions at 390° F with the Crafty dying midway through the 7th.  We ran the vape without taking any draws so we feel you should expect 5-6 session on a full battery in the real world.  That is 20% better than the original Crafty and better than both the Boundless CFV and Flowermate Swift Pro convection vapes but less battery life than most other portables we carry.

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Updated app for the updated device

Outside of the extended battery life, as mentioned the other updates affect the Crafty’s firmware and the connected smartphone app without touching the hardware. Only vapes with firmware version V02.51 and newer -- denoted by a “20% more battery power” sticker on the box or easily checked in the app (click here for instructions) -- can take advantage of all these new app features.

Crafty Vaporizer Remote Turn On App - Planet of the Vapes

Fire it up remotely

For anyone looking to streamline their sessions, the app has a new feature to control the Crafty’s most important function. Press the Crafty logo in the center of the app and you turn on your vape and begin the heating process, as long as you’re within Bluetooth range. It’s an easy way to get things cooking when you get home, so the Crafty is ready for you by the time you reach the couch.

Crafty Vaporizer Auto Shutoff App - Planet of the Vapes

Auto-shutoff controls

With more ignition controls on the Crafty vaporizer, it only makes sense to beef up the device’s other autonomous features. Storz & Bickel now lets you customize the auto-shutoff time and extend it up to five minutes, so you won’t have to wait for it to heat back up if you prefer more leisurely sessions. That time can be seen and set from within the app, as long as you have the newer Crafty. 

Crafty Vaporizer Find App - Planet of the Vapes

Find my Crafty

If you put down your Crafty mid-session and can’t find it, the new "Find my Crafty" feature may be just the ticket. When you activate it within the app, your Crafty will start buzzing and flashing its light, so it can be easily spotted in the dark, or among your other belongings.

Crafty Vaporizer Smartwatch App - Planet of the Vapes

Smartwatch support

When your phone isn’t nearby, a new smartwatch app can help you control your Crafty remotely. The updated version of the app supports Apple Watch, as well as Android Watch 6 and newer. Of course, that’s only with the vapes sporting firmware V02.51, as the older models won’t support that connectivity.

Managing multiple vapes

While the flashy new features are only for the newer Craftys, the previous models will still benefit from a couple of the app’s updates. The app can communicate with multiple vapes at once, including new and old models, and will detect devices that are within bluetooth range.

Crafty Vaporizer Custom Alerts App - Planet of the Vapes

Customize the alerts

In addition, to support for more than one device at once, all Crafty models support a new smartphone app feature. The tones your phone makes while using the Crafty can be customized, so you can set your favorite jam to play when it’s time to vape, or a klaxon to sound before it shuts off on its own.

Which Crafty do I have?

Best way to figure out which of these new Crafty vaporizer features you’ll be able to take advantage of is to check out which version of firmware you’re running.  

Find Crafty firmware version:

  1. Connect your Crafty to the app
  2. Click the “Crafty” button at the bottom middle-right of the screen
  3. Firmware version will be third down on the list
  4. Check the chart below to see what new features you can use
Crafty Vaporizer Firmware App - Planet of the Vapes

New Crafty features

Firmware Version

V02.50 or Older

V02.51 or Newer

20% More Battery Life âś“
New Smartphone App âś“
Remote Turn On âś“
Customize Auto-Shutoff âś“
Find My Crafty âś“
Smartwatch Support âś“
Manage Multiple Vapes âś“ âś“
Custom Alerts âś“ âś“
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