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Mighty Vaporizer 2017 Update

The Mighty vaporizer is one of our favorites and gets a bit better with some new updates ...

The Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, creators of the legendary Volcano vaporizer, is one of our favorites, with great battery life and cool tasty vapor. There have been a couple minor updates to the Mighty to coincide with more substantial upgrades to the smaller Crafty. The Mighty vaporizer now has a boost mode and an updated set of haptic feedback.

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New boost mode

Boost mode, a feature from the Crafty arsenal, has made its way over to the Mighty. A quick double tap of the power button will bump the Mighty’s temperature by about 18° F, so you can finish off an oven without fiddling with the temperature controls. It’s not exactly a game-changing feature, but we find it to be a nice shortcut to handle those last few draws.

Notifies you before auto-shut off

The Mighty’s haptic feedback has been beefed up as well. In addition to letting you know it’s ready to vape with a short buzz, the Mighty will also buzz after a few minutes of inactivity. First, with a warning buzz, then a series of increasingly quick vibrations before finally shutting off. It should be more than enough time to remind you to keep vaping or turn it off, and pressing any button will stop the countdown once it has begun.

Who gets the update?

Mighty units with the new update are already in circulation, so you may have already purchased one without even knowing it. Without a connected app, the Mighty experience is simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, it also means that older units don’t have any way of updating the firmware to add boost mode and the new haptic features.

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