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Mighty Vaporizer Stands Are Here

Keep your Mighty standing up straight even on uneven ground.  Introducing the 2qan and wee Mighty vaporizer stands.

The Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is easy to use, and comfortable to hold, but it can be a bit awkward. Its rounded bottom means it doesn’t sit upright on its own, at least not in a very stable way. 

Your option are relying on the built-in stirring tool to prop it up, removing the stir tool and balancing it on the small flat spot it leaves open, or one handed loading -- all precarious moves that could result in spilled herbs, ruined sessions and tears.

The solution, then, is to equip the curvy Mighty with an aftermarket stand. Thanks to a resourceful community member, we have an exclusive, limited run of two nicely crafted stands from Nenmayk & Stash. They lend the Mighty a solid base, and have a custom-fit, clean design in subtle black plastic or eye-catching aluminum.

Heavy metal 2qan

Milled from a single block of aluminum, the 2qan cuts an elegant figure, with a clean, purposeful design. It’s clearly put together with a lot of thought, and is sure to draw some eyes with its brushed metal exterior. It doesn’t feel generic or thrown together, and is obviously custom-fit for the Mighty.

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Mighty Vaporizer Stand - Planet of the Vapes

The weighty metal stand lends the already premium Mighty a classy air. Plus it's functional -- with the legs extended, you’d be hard pressed to knock the Mighty over without trying to do so.  This is a great feature for those camping or often vaping in nature.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand - Planet of the Vapes

One issue with the 2qan is it's fit. Where the wee’s black plastic has enough give to allow the device to slide in and out, the metal 2qan is a tight fit. Make sure to take your time putting it on for the first time as to not scratch your Mighty like I did.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand - Planet of the Vapes

Stiff black plastic wee

Despite the wee’s name, it’s no smaller than the more expensive metal option. Instead, it’s simply made of a lightweight, sturdy plastic. It has its own distinct houndstooth-like pattern, a nice compliment to the Mighty's ridged look. Importantly, it doesn't affect how you hold the Mighty, staying out of the way until you need to set it down to pick up your phone or tend to the stovetop. 

Mighty Vaporizer Stand 2qan - Planet of the Vapes

Keeps the Mighty upright

Both stands are almost identical in terms of design, just adding a flat base to the curved Mighty. They cover the removable stirring and tamping tool embedded in the Mighty’s bottom. That said, one of the Mighty’s upshots is its even distribution of heat, so it’s happy to take down an oven without stirring. 

Mighty Vaporizer Stand - Planet of the Vapes

A solid base

Both stands work excellently, giving the Mighty a flat surface to sit on that holds it upright without widening the footprint substantially. Most of the 2qan's edges are sanded down lightly, for a handmade, minimal feel that adds a nice splash of color to the matte black Mighty.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand - Planet of the Vapes

The plastic wee strikes a more subtle note. On the stand I received, the cut-out for the charging port had some flaking plastic on it. Not a detrimental error at all, and some light handling cleaned everything up. 

Who are the stands for?

The wee and 2qan stands improve the Mighty's functionality, but we think that they are for the vaporist looking for something a little special to set their Mighty apart from the pack.  They're stylish, made in small batches in the US, and available exclusively at Planet of the Vapes.

Function wise, they improve on the Mighty’s stability. They’re particularly useful for those who often take the Mighty places where it doesn’t have a flat surface to sit on. If the Mighty moves around with you, it's a very helpful accessory.

Who aren’t the stands for?

The Mighty doesn’t NEED to sit upright except during the loading process, and balancing the unit isn’t exactly stable. Although setting it upright limits its footprint and makes it easier to grab, it isn't necessary, and a Mighty that spends most of its life on a desk may not need the help.

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