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PAX 2 Light Guide

The PAX 2 lights tell you everything you need to know about what's going on with your vaporizer. To help figure...

The PAX 2 lights (also aka LED pedals) tell you everything you need to know about what's going on with your vaporizer. To help figure out what they're saying, we've created this guide.

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On Startup

Once you've gone through our PAX 2 Starter Guide and are all loaded up, ready for a session, click the power button embedded in the center of the mouthpiece.  The lights will turn on and pulse purple while it heats up.

The PAX 2 takes 30-45 seconds to get up to temperature, depending on where you have it set.  Once it does the lights will turn green and you're ready to vape. 

PAX 2 Purple Light - Heating Up - Planet of the Vapes PAX 2 Green Light - Ready To Vape - Planet of the Vapes

Heating Up

Ready To Vape


The PAX 2 has 4 temperature settings that can be selected in the Temperature Selection Mode.  Enter this mode by pushing down and holding the power button for a slightly extended time while the PAX 2 is on.  

From here, your vaporizer will display one of the temperature settings you see bellow in the chart.  Go on tho the next temperature by clicking the PAX button.  Once you go past the highest temperature you will circle back around the lowest and so on.

Exit temperature mode by doing another extended hold of the PAX's button or give it a shake.

We've also included the actual temperatures that each of the settings correspond to.

Temperature Setting 1
360ºF (182ºC)

Temperature Setting 2
380°F (193°C)

Pax 2 Temperature Setting 3 - Planet of the Vapes PAX 2 Temperature Setting 4 - Planet of the Vapes

Temperature Setting 3
400°F (204°C)

Temperature Setting 4
420ºF (216ºC)

Battery Level

While your PAX 2 is charging, it will let you know what level the battery is at by how many of the lights are pulsing white.  Once fully charged, all lights with glow white and stop pulsing

You can also check the remaining battery level while the PAX 2 is on by giving it a shake.  The same white lights will indicate how much charge is remaining.

See the chart below to find what light arrangement matches up with what percentage of battery life you are at. 

PAX 2 One White Light - 25% Charged - Planet of the Vapes PAX 2 2 White Lights - 50% Charged - Planet of the Vapes

0 - 25% Battery

25 - 50% Battery

PAX 2 3 White Lights - 75% Charged - Planet of the Vapes PAX 2 White Lights - Fully Charged - Planet of the Vapes

50 - 75% Battery

75 - 100% Battery

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