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What features could we see in a PAX 4?

We've listened, and come up with a few potential tweaks that we think could make a possible PAX 4 worthwhile.

The recent PAX 3 color release brought a lot of hype for the heavily anticipated PAX 4. When is it coming out? What new features or improvements will they introduce? How much will it cost? We haven’t heard any official news about an upcoming PAX 4 release, but these are the types of questions users love to speculate about.

It may be hard to live up to the highly praised PAX 3, but we’re always on the hunt for more. We've listened to you, and come up with a few potential tweaks and additions that we think could really make a possible PAX 4 worthwhile.

What we’d like to see in a PAX 4

Better airflow

Like all of the previous PAX models, the PAX 3 is a tight sipper. Constricted airflow is expected with conduction vapes, and it’s quite common in order to maintain a compact form, large oven, and consistent performance. Competitors like DaVinci, however, have showcased promising solutions with the IQ2. If PAX Labs really wants to take their flagship vaporizer to the next level, an improved or even an adjustable airflow option should be high on their list of upgrades to consider.

Dosing capsules

PAX would put a smile on a lot of users’ faces if they released dosing capsules with the PAX 4. Their spacious conduction ovens are already easy to fill, but nothing beats a quick-swap with a preloaded capsule.

Upgraded construction

Vaporizers get hot - that’s a no brainer - but conduction vaporizers suffer a little more and can get a little too hot to hold comfortably. The PAX 3 gets noticeably warm to the touch after a few minutes, and some find it too hot on their lips after extended sessions.

Removable battery

In a perfect world, all portable vaporizers would come with removable batteries. Skip the charge times and chain even more sessions together with multiple batteries at the ready.

USB-C charging

A lot of new technology has opted for the speed and consistency of USB-C charging. It charges faster, is less prone to damage, and even has a reversible plug. These aren’t massive improvements but little changes like this can make a huge difference.

PAX 4 release date and cost?

It’s hard to guess when and where PAX Labs will price its next generation vaporizer. Their current trend suggests a higher price point, with flashy new features and improved performance. We’re hoping some fresh information will be released soon, but until then, we can only speculate. What kind of improvements would you like to see with the PAX 4? Throw your ideas in the comments below, and sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news and tips!

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