Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning Guide

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Follow along to get your Puffco Peak Pro back in spotless condition.

If you’re using your Puffco Peak Pro as much as we are, a deep cleaning is just around the corner. We’ll walk you through all the steps to a fresh, clean vaporizer.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning Guide: What you’ll need

Cleaning your Peak Pro will only require these few household items

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Small dish or bag for soaking

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide What You'll Need


The Peak Pro needs little disassembly for a deep cleaning. The chamber stays together as one piece, so unscrew it with a counterclockwise twist from the base and set it aside. Remove the glass carb cap insert from the rubber piece and set it to the side as well. Then, detach the bubbler by pulling it up and away from the base until it dislodges, and dump out the dirty water.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Disassembly

Soak and rinse

Take your small container and soak the chamber and carb cap in rubbing alcohol for a few hours. Then, take the bubbler and fill it a little under halfway with alcohol. Cover the top with one hand and give it a good shake to loosen up any gunk.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Soaking

Buildup may occur inside the intake hole, so fill it with rubbing alcohol and give it a good shake as well. Tough messes may need a longer soak. Once everything is nice and clean, give the bubbler a thorough rinse and set all the pieces out to dry.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Intake Hole
You may find some gunk inside the intake hole. 


Once everything is completely dry, take the bubbler and fill it up with water, just past the internal air holes. Then, line the air hole on the bottom of the glass with the internal airpath on the base, and push and secure it back into place.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Reassembly
Line up the intake holes and push it into place.

Slip the rubber seal around the carb cap and then take the chamber and screw it clockwise onto the base until it’s nice and tight. It should only take a quarter turn.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Chamber

Run a burnoff

Before your next session, run a burnoff for a final cleanse of any leftover residue. Turn your Peak Pro on and set it to any temperature. Double-click and then let it run a full session before loading up your first hit.

Puffco Peak Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide Burnoff

Tips for cleaner vape

To keep your Peak Pro cleaner for longer, try not to load more concentrate than you’ll use in a session. Loads that don’t completely vaporize will stick and solidify inside the chamber. After each hit, clean out the chamber with a cotton swab before any leftover residue hardens. Same thing with the glass - rinse out and replace the water after a few sessions to keep it nice and clean.

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