Puffco Peak Quickstart Guide

Puffco Peak Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

Got a new Puffco Peak? Follow along with our quickstart guide and we’ll get you up and running!

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Puffco introduced the world to safe, portable concentrate sessions with the Peak, without sacrificing taste and quality. If you’re new to the e-rig scene, then follow along with our quickstart guide and we’ll get you up and running!

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

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Puffco Peak Quickstart: What’s in the box

  • Puffco Peak Vaporizer
  • Carrying Case
  • Carb Cap Tether
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Loading Tool
  • Micro USB Cable & Supercharger
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl
Puffco Peak Vaporizer Whats in the box
The Puffco Peak comes with everything you need for potent sessions.

Be sure to check out the full lineup of Puffco Accessories!

Charge it

The Puffco Peak vaporizer comes out of the box with a partial charge, but let’s top it off before we get going. Grab the included USB cable and plug it in. It'll vibrate to let you know it’s charging, and shut off when it’s full. A full charge from a dead battery will take approximately two and half hours, and last for about 30 sessions.


Puffco Peak Vaporizer Charging
Fully charge your Peak before your first session.

Fill the bubbler

When filling the Puffco Peak Glass, less is always best. Puffco suggests filling just past the two air holes, and we agree. Any more than that, and you might get water in your mouth. Water can damage the electronic base and atomizer as well, so be sure to fill it up before you attach it to the base.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer
Fill your bubbler just past the two intake holes.

Attach the bubbler to the base

As you may have noticed when you opened the carrying case, the Peak conveniently comes apart for easy travel and safe transportation. To attach the bubbler, locate the small hole on the bottom of the outside of the glass and align it with the atomizer. Insert the front of the glass under the lip, and then push the back in to complete the seal. Give it a couple hits while it’s off to check the air flow. If it feels constricted, take it off and realign it.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer Glass
Attach the bubbler to the base to complete the assembly.

Run a test session

To make sure everything is ready to go for your first session, let’s give it a test run. To turn it on, click and hold the button for three seconds, until it vibrates and the band light turns white. Click once to bump the temperature up a level, all the way up to the highest temperature (White Light). Double click to activate the heater and let it run a full cycle. Notice how it flashes for 20 seconds while heating up, and vibrates when it’s ready. Then the light stays solid for the entire session, until it vibrates and goes out.

Choose a temperature

The Peak has four preset temperatures for different experiences. The lower temps (blue and green) are best for relaxing, flavorful vapor, while the higher temperatures (red and white) are better for thick, punchy hits. We suggest beginners start on the lower settings.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer
The Puffco Peak drips with understated style.

Load it up!

Take a rice-grain size of your chosen material and place it on the bottom of the atomizer. Make sure to place it close to the center and not on the walls. Double-click the button and your Peak will start heating up. It takes about 20 seconds for it to get up to temp, and will flash and vibrate three times when it’s ready to go. Inhale slowly and enjoy! If you want to extend the session before it ends, double click to add another 15 seconds of heating.

Clean up

We’ll put out a full cleaning guide soon, but in the meantime, it's good to get into a quick and easy cleaning routine. At the end of each session, take a cotton swab and wipe out the remaining residues. This will help extend the life of your atomizer and minimize the need for deep cleanings in the long run.

Check out Puffco Peak Cleaning Guide for the full rundown.

Conclusion: A quick tip

The Puffco Peak can chug out about 30 sessions per charge, but its battery will slowly drain if you don’t power it off manually. If you set it down after a session and don’t touch it for a while, you may come back to a dead Peak. Be sure to either power it down, or plug it in after you’re all finished with it.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer
Puffco Peak with the clear glass bubbler.
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