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Get to Know the Storz & Bickel Lineup

Storz & Bickel's lineup covers any situation, from the legendary Volcano to the portable Crafty.

Looking for a killer vape lineup that meets any situation you can come up with? Storz & Bickel already built it for you, with a catalog that was meant to compliment instead of compete with itself. Each unit satisfies a different need with fantastic vapor, whether it’s bags from the Volcano, direct draw from the Plenty, going cordless with the Mighty, or vaping anywhere with the Crafty.

Excellent vapor across the board

The Storz & Bickel philosophy is clear and consistent across all of their vaporizers –- excellent vapor without compromise. All four vapes lean heavily on large heat exchangers for steady convection temperatures that efficiently vape your herbs thoroughly and evenly. Each vape has an effective cooling system so the vapor is never hot, and the air flow is always wide open for effortless pulls. Every Storz & Bickel vape is also unapologetically slow to heat up, but the vapor flows from the first draw instead of needing multiple primer pulls.

High quality components and design

Each Storz & Bickel vape uses medical-grade, German-engineered, custom-made components. Their vapes took years to develop with extensive testing, and not only pass lab tests for purity, but also get high scores for durability. These are expensive vapes with all the electrical certifications you’d expect from the best in the business.

Always innovating

Storz & Bickel seems to have started the modern-day vaporizer movement with the Volcano that still stands strong today. They also invented the hybrid heating system we see poorly copied in so many portables, and were the first to release a smartphone app to expand functionality. The cooling units on their portables deliver some of the coolest portable vapor we can find, and the well-thought-out accessories add functionality that makes a difference in your experience. After all these years they still lead the industry in lab testing their own vapes, and the entire lineup has been designed with a specific purpose in mind.


The Volcano’s design is so effective it’s only needed some slight tweaks throughout the years. The controls are simple and intuitive, and it comes in analog or digital temperature-controlled versions. The vapor is always consistent with its massive heat sink and one-speed fan, and the bag and valve system cools the vapor, and makes it feel like you’re breathing instead of sucking on a straw.

Storz and Bickel volcano classic knob

The Volcano uses full convection heating, a removable bowl and a bag system that efficiently and flavorfully captures everything without waste. Best of all, this is the vape I reach for when I want fast, heavy effects. It’s big herb chamber and quick filling pump help to take down a lot of vapor quickly, whether it’s just for you, or a group of friends.


The Plenty is basically a Classic Volcano repackaged for direct draw. It has a similar heat sink design, a big herb chamber, and the same bimetallic thermostat so there is very little to go wrong and the durability is great. The biggest difference is the Plenty uses a dead man’s switch so it’s up to you to keep the heater engaged. If you doze off during a session it won’t stay on long for safety, but the flip side is you’ll occasionally reach for it only to find it cold and needing a reheat.

storz and bickel Plenty vaporizer with accessories

The housing is smaller than the Volcano, so the top temperature was dropped to keep it from overheating, and some conduction was added for full extraction. The most outstanding feature is the tasty, cool vapor with very little draw restriction, so the pulls are always easy and comfortable. The clunky controls keep this vape from being popular, but the fantastic vapor makes up for it.


The Storz & Bickel Mighty puts out some of the best portable vapor in the business, and many consider it the gold standard. A big heat sink, for a portable vape, and just the right mix of conduction and convection heating deliver thick draws from start to finish -- no stirring required. The innovative cooling unit has an open draw for smooth, tasty, effortless hits. Full on-board temperature controls with vibration alerts and long battery life round things out. The main drawback to this efficient, portable powerhouse vape is its size, which is portable, but not particularly pocketable.

storz and bickel mighty vaporizer in hand


The Crafty takes the incredible performance of the Mighty and shrinks it down to a pocketable size for discretion, but with some sacrifices. The excellent vapor quality is almost identical to the Mighty, if just a little warmer due to the smaller cooling unit. The on-board controls have been moved to a smartphone app you can use for exact digital temp control, but the vape can memorize any two temps you want, so you don’t have to pull out your phone all the time. Battery life is about as short as is tolerable for a portable vape, at around three to five sessions per charge. If you’re looking for something more pocketable, without sacrificing vapor quality, the Crafty might be just the trick.

Storz and Bickel Crafty vaporizer outside

Dosing capsules tie it all together

The dosing capsules are amazing and surprisingly versatile -- sometimes they even work with vapes from other brands. They’re lightweight and inexpensive, hold around 0.15 grams of dry herb, and can be used with extracts. They fit natively into the Mighty and Crafty, and in the Volcano and Plenty with a chamber reducer installed. Accessories like the Filling Set and the Capsule Caddy make it easy to fill up multiple capsules at once with the same dosage and take them anywhere. They work in all Storz & Bickel vapes, so capsules you prepare can be used in any of them, and you can start a session in one vape and finish it in another. The capsules also keep everything contained so there’s little, if any, mess -- neat freaks rejoice!

Final thoughts

Storz & Bickel is the only vape company to develop a line of dry herb vaporizers designed to meet every need. While other companies have released slightly updated models and other portables that compete with themselves, Storz & Bickel has quietly given us everything we need. With four perfectly spaced out units, there’s something for everyone. If you want fantastic vapor, and just want to get on with your life, you can’t go wrong with any one of these excellent vaporizers.

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