POTV Cloud Cube Glass Bubbler

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Planet of the Vapes Lobo

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  • Top-centered downstem
  • Perfect Blend Perc
  • Hit it through a whip or glass mouthpiece
  • 14mm connection
  • Ultra stable
  • Borosilicate-glass construction
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The POTV Cloud Cube Bubbler

Who needs ice cubes when you’ve got the Cloud Cube? This box-shaped bubbler can be hit through a glass mouthpiece like a traditional bubbler, or relax with hookah-style sessions through a whip. With our Perfect Blend perc, the Cloud Cube produces comfortable vapor with full-bodied flavor.

The glass bubbler is the perfect companion for those seeking smoother, more flavorful sessions. Connect your compatible dry herb vaporizer and enjoy gentle, comfortable sessions that pack a punch.

Why POTV Glass?

Designed with care and expert insight, our collection of POTV Bubblers has been tested and approved by our team of vape specialists to meet our strict standards. We work directly with glassmakers to offer the best price on glass pieces that complement your vape setup.

Choose POTV for a bubbler that matches your style perfectly. With multiple designs tailored for different vape styles, our premium glass pieces are made to be fun AND effective additions to your sessions.

Ultra stable with our Perfect Blend

Nothing is more stable than a cube! With ultra stability and our Perfect Blend perc, the Cloud Cube is a fantastic addition to your vape setup. This perc blends filtration and flavor perfectly for sessions that are both comfortable and full of flavor.

Glass mouthpiece or whip!

Take classic bubbler hits through a detachable glass mouthpiece, or hook up the whip for hookah-style sessions! Our Cloud Cube Bubbler comes with a 14mm glass mouthpiece, a 16-inch silicone whip with a glass stem, and a 14mm elbow adapter.

14mm connection

Connect any 14mm male adapter to our POTV Cloud Cube Bubbler, including our POTV Water Pipe Adapter.

Vaporizers that are compatible with our POTV Water Pipe Adapter:

XMAX V3 Pro + POTV Adapter
PAX Plus, PAX Mini, PAX 2, PAX 3 + POTV PAX Adapter.
Mighty+ + Mighty+ Glass Adapter.
Crafty+ + Crafty+ Glass Adapter.
Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Classic + Volcano Glass Adapter

High-quality glass

Our POTV Glass Bubblers are constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass for the purest, cleanest hits.

Return policy

We only accept returns for accessories if they are within 30 days, unused and unopened, or if they are being returned with a vaporizer under our 14-day satisfaction policy.

In box content

What's in the box

  • 1 x POTV Cloud Cube Glass Bubbler
  • 1 x 14mm Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x 16-inch Silicone Whip
  • 1 x 14mm Elbow Adapter
  • 1 x Glass Stem

Technical specifications

  • Can Height: 3.5"
  • Width: 3.5"
  • Mouthpiece length: 4.5"
  • Total Height: 5"
  • Weight: 520g
  • Base style: Flat
  • Perc style: Medium diffusion
  • Gong(s): 14mm female
  • Glass thickness: 3.5-4mm


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Arnold A.
United States United States

Cube bubbler

Great product. Keeps vape cool.

Lawrence W.
United States United States

Cube table ****

The small cube works wonderful. Set it on the table, Use the hose and you get smooth hits. The only problem I have with is the Hose to the mouthpiece is very short.

Andrew R.
United States United States


Love this purchase! Very easy to use, does exactly what you want it to do, and super convenient. I like using the tube/****** connection so its very easy to pass without having to move anything other than the tube. Great purchase!

Canada Canada

I love this bubbler!!!

I have only good things to say about this bubbler! I've been using my POTV XMAX V3 for a few months, and I decided to give this a try. It arrived about a week ago. The bubbler comes packaged very carefully in a nice box (can definitely hang on to the box for storage). All the pieces are clearly good quality, and it's very easy to set up. I used the POTV universal water pipe adapter--purchased separately--to attach my XMAX V3. I've been using it with the glass mouth piece, but after a few days I started having trouble getting the vapour how I wanted. I switched to the hose, and I like that so much better. It also means less moving the bubbler around, so less of a chance to drop it. I'm still figuring out the exact water level that I like, but no matter what, the vapour that comes out of this is cool and smooth, to the extent that sometimes you don't' think you inhaled anything, until you exhale and see. I am definitely getting less dry mouth using the bubbler! Just be cautious if you don't have a lot of experience with ground glass joints. I've mostly used slider glass joints, so I didn't realize how easy it is to get two ground joints stuck together. I had a panic when the second or third day I had it, I accidentally pressed down on the vape and the water pipe adapter got stuck in the top of the bubbler. I tried all kinds of gentle techniques to get it out and finally, the next day, managed to pull it out using a piece of silicone to grip around the adapter. I usually run my vape on session mode for this. I set the temp lower than what I would in on demand mode, because it can go through a dosing cap fairly quickly. Anyway, this bubbler is definitely worth the investment! I had intended to use it as a bong as well, but now that I's here and I see how nice it is, I want to reserve it for vapour only.


Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Sarah, Regarding the ground glass connection, if it ever gets stuck, don't twist it. Doing so can cause it to break. Just gently rock it back and forth to help break the seal. If that doesn't help, a bit of olive oil may. Take care, and thanks for your review. Much appreciated. Larry

United States United States

One of the best experiences I've had with the lobo so far

Just got this thing out of the box and washed up, loaded up a dosing capsule and took it outside to test. I have a glass bubbler for the lobo as well as several water ***** I've tried it with, they all work well but I turned my lobo on and sat it in this bubbler... The first hit was so smooth I wasn't even sure I got anything... It continued on like that only getting slightly harsher near the end of my 5 minute session timer producing consistent hits each time. Maybe it's the right size glass for what the lobo can do but this has worked better than any other **** I've put it through. Note that this review was made approximately 1 hr after receiving in the mail.... ‍�️