Pax Glass Adapter

This product is compatible with: PAX 2 Vaporizer, PAX 3 Vaporizer, PAX Plus Vaporizer, PAX Mini Vaporizer

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  • Original POTV Glass Curved Mini Bubbler
  • Black POTV Bent Glass Mouthpiece
  • Original POTV Water Pipe Adapter
  • Original POTV Glass Mini Bubbler
  • Clear POTV Globe Glass
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  • - Made specifically for PAX vaporizers
  • - Get started with a FREE dimpled glass stem
  • - Maximize world-class technology with innovation from POTV Vape Experts
  • - Seamless design that compliments the classy, stylish attitude of the PAX brand
  • - Control your sessions with an assortment of glass attachments (not included)
Regular price C$28.95 C$19.95
You save: C$9.00
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** Important notice **

PAX programming that relies on lip sensing technology might not perform with this adapter.

Version 2

Version 2 of this Accessory Adapter sees an updated design and fit for PAX vaporizers. This updated design comes with a long "shirt" that secures and holds itself to the vaporizer to prevent it from falling off while it's in use.

The next step in high-quality vapor

Upgrade your PAX sessions with the POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX dry herb vaporizers. This adapter replaces the original mouthpiece and opens the doors to our collection of glass accessories for smoother, tastier vapor.

Dimpled glass stem Included

included Enjoy cooler, tastier vapor with our included dimpled glass stem. It’s short and discreet but comes loaded with a gauntlet of glass dimples inside to cool your vapor before it reaches your lips.

Sleek, seamless design

Your sessions change, but that’s it. Press down on your glass attachment to turn it on and off and adjust your temperature settings like normal. This adapter sits in place of the original mouthpiece for a seamless design that maintains PAX’s classy feel and simplistic controls.

Cleaning Disclaimer: Do not soak silicone pieces in rubbing alcohol. They should clean easily with alcohol wipes.

Made just for PAX vaporizers

This Glass Accessory Adapter is made specifically for PAX dry herb vaporizers:

A variety of experiences in one vaporizer

Take small, microdose-friendly sips or push the limits and go for the biggest draws with our glass accessories - only accessible with our Glass Accessory Adapter. These accessories maximize the performance of your PAX with broader, more versatile airflow that caters to both big hitters and easy-going sippers.

Pick up our other glass accessories and take control of you sessions (not included)

Pick up any of our glass accessories and enjoy cool, comfortable vapor in your own style. Whether you rock a glass bubbler at home or sesh on the go, we’ve got an accessory to fit your needs.

Mini Bubbler

Filter your vapor on the go with a bubbler that maximizes airflow and big hits.

Curved Mini Bubbler

Relax with a portable, curved bubbler that’s comfier on the lips and great for small sips.

Waterpipe Adapter

Feel right at home with cool, flavorful sessions and big hits through your favorite glass bubbler.

Bent Glass Stem

Ease into your session with a discreet glass stem that's comfortable on the lips.

Take personalization to the next level with two new colored glass options: 

Blue: Evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness with the tranquility of our deep blue glass. 

Green: Create a scerene and harmonious ambiance with the soothing essence of our fern green glass.

Switch gears in a matter of seconds

Switch gears and go from on-the-go hits to full, glass bubbler sessions in a matter of seconds. This accessory is made to adapt to your very needs with quick and easy swaps whenever you need it.

User manual

Download the Glass Accessory Adapter Manual here.

Return policy

We only accept returns for accessories if they are within 30 days, unused and unopened, or if they are being returned with a vaporizer under our 14-day satisfaction policy.

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United States United States

Keeps falling off

I have four PAX3s and one PAXplus. This new type of adapter goes over the outside of the devices rather than inside like the originals. Good concept but I can't get it to stay on the PAX, any of them. I'm asking myself what am I doing wrong? Tried putting it on after PAX heated up, thinking it would heat the adaptor and make it fit better. No change. Hot or cold, it won't stay on. I checked the inside of the adapter to see if there was something in the groove to keep it from seating properly. No obstructions. It just doesn't seem like it was made for PAX at all. I'll keep it because I don't like causing a ruckus. But this thing does not work for me. Going back to the old one.


Planet Of The Vapes

Hey JD, You are not causing a ruckus at all. Your adapter may be defective. If it is, we'll replace it for you. We want to make this right for you. I'm creating a service ticket for you right now. Talk to you in a bit, Larry

Daren P.
United States United States

Super convenient for hardcore pax users

1st one wasnt as good but then i ordered a 2nd one and the design was changed and it was very much improved

Lisa S.
United States United States

Rubber adapter was changed

I was expecting the rubber adapter that fits inside the top. This makes the pax slim and streamline. The adapters I just recieved wrap around the top. Not as easy to put on and off. I like to pop the top off when loading the oven. I purchased several of these for myself and gifts. Not sure why they changed it (for the worse)

Planet Of The Vapes Pax Glass Adapter ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes Pax Glass Adapter ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes Pax Glass Adapter Review

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Lisa, One of the first negative reviews of this adapter helps to explain why made a design change: ------------------- I had really had hopes for this adapter. I bought the POTV Essentials Bundle with the WPA and bubbler too. It really fits well and seals everything but the main issue is that it makes it less efficient and almost unusable because it doesn't take into account the PAX 3 lip sensor. The temp immediately goes down with the adapter and shuts down the PAX in 3 mins consistently, making it impossible to have a good session with it. If there is a solution to this problem this is the perfect adapter but if it is always like this then truly a waste of money ---------------------- While the issue above didn't affect all of the Pax's that it was mated to, we felt that we needed to make a design change. This new design helps to address this issue. Take care, Larry

Michael K.
United States United States

love it

great addition to the pax, love it .

Michael L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Worked well.