Boundless Rolls Out Four New Vapes at CHAMPS Las Vegas 2018

Boundless' New Vapes at CHAMPS Las Vegas 2018

Boundless wasn’t shy at this year’s winter CHAMPS show in Las Vegas. The vape brand showed up with four completely...

Boundless wasn’t shy at this year’s winter CHAMPS show. The vape brand showed up with four completely new portable vaporizers, as well as a battery-powered desktop unit with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.


Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer

CFC 2.0

The CFC 2.0 smooths out the original’s oblong shape and irregular sides and updates the finish to one that won’t melt off if you clean it with ISO. The mouthpiece has been redesigned for more open airflow and better isolation, so the outside stays cooler. It’s a bit larger, and a little bit slower, than the original CFC, so we’ll be waiting to spend more time with the updated version. The Boundless CFC 2.0 will retail for $89 with an included water pipe adapter when it launches in late March

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Boundless CF Micro Vaporizer

CF Micro

The aptly-named CF Micro takes ultra-fast heat up times -- a trademark of the Boundless CF and CFX -- and packs them into a tiny package. It’s a no-frills device, that reaches the lowest of three temperature settings (380, 400, and 420° F) in under 30 seconds. Boundless says you can get four or five full sessions with a single charge, thanks to a swappable 18350 battery. At just CAD$73, the CF Micro is likely to draw a lot of attention from users looking for something simple, easy to use, and extremely portable.

Boundless Uno Vaporizer

Uno, Not the CFV 2.0

Loyal Boundless fans waiting for the CFV 2.0 will find a familiar friend in the Uno. It’s effectively the follow-up to the CFV, with a new name and looks to fit Boundless’ recent releases. It boasts an identical heating element to the Tera, but with a stainless steel oven, rather than ceramic. It uses a proprietary hard pack battery and has a plastic rotating mouthpiece, where the Boundless Tera also includes a removable glass option if you prefer.

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Boundless Sesh Vaporizer

The Sesh

Finally, the team brought a pre-production version of a vape that the team has been working on as a side project. The Sesh, or Session Vape, won’t carry the Boundless name, slides in under $100, and offers a small number of important features. It has a full LCD display with a wide temperature range, swappable 18650 battery, and a magnetic mouthpiece. It takes a bit of a departure from the normal Boundless design language and feature set, and we’re excited to see where it goes.

Boundless Core Vaporizer

The Core

 In addition to portable vaporizers, Boundless also showed off the new Core, a cordless desktop vape currently powered by a pair of 18650 rechargeable batteries. In addition to pumping out plenty of vapor from its sizable oven, the Core also plays music through the built-in Bluetooth speaker. It might not be for everyone, but it's certainly a conversation starter.

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