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Vaporizer Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Give the gift of clouds

Our top picks

We've tested a lot of vapes and have narrowed it down to a select few that really stand out. Whether you’re looking for a few stocking stuffers or a grand-finale present, these top picks are sure to bring a smiling face.

Top pickPlanet of the Vapes ONE

The POTV ONE vaporizer is a special gift that you can give to any type of user. Beginners will appreciate its simple three-button control setup, the enthusiast will love its never-ending cloud production, and the traveler will adore its palm-sized portability. And if they’re extra picky, our full suite of compatible glass attachments will win them over. From glass bubblers and stems to waterpipe adapters, our collection of glass accessories aims to please.

Now: CAN$124.95

Top pickMighty+ vaporizer

It’s no surprise a Storz & Bickel product is one of our top picks. The Migthy+ consistently sets the standard high with strong, effective vapor and unrivaled efficiency. Pack it, choose your temperature, and experience the pinnacle of dry herb vaporizing performance in the palm of your hand. If you want what many consider the best in a portable vaporizer, this is it.

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Top pickPAX 3 vaporizer

The PAX 3 vaporizer is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. Anyone can pick it up and enjoy dry herb vaporizing at its finest, regardless of experience level. Its one-button controls and elegant design pair well with its potent vapor production. It’s chic, reliable, and consistently performs when you need it.

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Now: CAN$207.96

Best budget-friendly gifts

Get that special someone a gift they’ll appreciate, without breaking the bank. These vapes pass our tests with flying colors with an emphasis on affordability.

Our pick Planet of the Vapes ONE

The POTV ONE is one of our go-to recommendations for shoppers on a budget. Vapor is thick, controls are easy, and the accessories are aplenty. With our included Accessory Attachment, your sessions can take a turn for the cooler through one of our mini glass bubblers or your favorite glass rig with our water pipe adapter. All of this for under $150.

Now: $124.95

Our pick POTV XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer

The POTV XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer is a tried-and-true vape at a great price. Enjoy rich, potent clouds and a suite of features like full temperature control, Session and On-demand modes, a 25 second heat up time, and a swappable battery, all at a great price. Plus, with our signature Accessory Attachment and line of glass accessories, this vape is a remarkable option.

Now: CAN134.95

Our pick DynaVap B vaporizer

The DynaVap B vaporizer is effective, nearly indestructible, and one of the most affordable vaporizers ever. Heat it with a torch lighter, wait for the click, and hit it like a traditional cigarette. It’s not your standard turn-it-on-and-hit-it vaporizer. There are no batteries or screens. Just you, a heat source, and a unique, efficient vaporizer.

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Now: CAN$64

Best gifts for the beginner

The beginner deserves a warm welcome. Give them something that's simple and effective. A gift that’ll excite them for the sessions to come and beyond.

Our pickPAX 3 vaporizer

The PAX 3 is super easy to use and a solid pickup for fashion-conscious users out there. Often dubbed the Apple of vaporizers, the PAX 3 is sophisticated in style, but simple to use with only a single button to control everything. Turn it on, set it, hit it, and turn it off with just one button. And when you want more, connect it to the Bluetooth smartphone app for in-depth customizations.

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Now: CAN$207.96

Our pick Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 tastes great, heats up quickly, and hits any temperature you want in no time. Load the glass stem, turn it on, and start vaping within 30 seconds. Once you run through its massive three hour battery life, throw it on the charger and use it within five minutes while it’s plugged in. Another worthy beginner vape for our newcomers out there.

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Now: $159.95 (Original Price: $249.99)

Our pick Planet of the Vapes ONE

The POTV ONE is a beginner’s delight. Triple-click, set your temperature, and inhale clouds within 30 to 40 seconds. Charge it anywhere with the included usb cable and jump right back into your session.

Plus, you’re not anchored to just one type of experience. Instantly go from a solo session to a bubbler with the ONE’s all-in-one Accessory Attachment!

Now: CAN$124.95

Best gifts for the enthusiast

These guys can be very picky, but don't worry. These are sure to impress those hardened vapor fanatics. Each vaporizer is praised by both users and our experts for their consistent, reliable performance.

Our pickMighty+ vaporizer

Considered the portable king by many, the Mighty+ is often the connoisseur's first choice. Vapor is consistently delectable, whether you’re hitting low or high temperatures, and pulls 60 to 90 minutes of session time.

A bright screen, easy controls, and universal USB-C charging are all you really need to know. The rest will speak for itself.

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Our pickPOTV XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer

The V3 Pro is a popular choice for everyone, especially the enthusiast. Go from a long, relaxing session to quick one-hitters in no time with both Session and On-Demand modes at your disposal. A sweet combo only found in a few select vapes on the market. Plus, it has a 30 second heat up time, a removable battery, and access to our full line of glass accessories. Need we say more?

Now: CAN$134.95

Our pickVolcano Hybrid vaporizer

If you really want to ball out this holiday season and make a statement, this is it. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is one of the finest vapes on the market and will satisfy any enthusiasts’ strict standards.

On top of its serious vapor production, it boasts a massive oven with half-gram sessions, Bluetooth features, and signature bags full of vapor, plus a whip!

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Best gifts for any type of user

These vapes are industry-approved performers that'll sit well with anyone. Whether they’re a beginner, an expert, or anything in between, these choices will make great gifts.

Our pickCrafty+ vaporizer

Another strong player in the game, the Crafty+ vaporizer is quite the statement gift. From industry leaders Storz & Bickel, the Crafty+ takes an ultra-portable form and consistently produces top-shelf vapor.

It comes with three specific temperature settings for different moods, a built-in stir tool, and can turn any casual user into a vapor connoisseur.

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Our pickArizer Extreme Q vaporizer

Arizer vaporizers are often the first choice for herbal aficionados for their excellent, high-quality vapor and great features. The Extreme Q desktop vape is a versatile, cloud-ripping machine with both bag and whip features.

Hit it hookah style with the whip or blow up potent bags with its built-in fan. It even comes with a remote!.

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Now: CAN$149.95

Our pickVolcano Classic vaporizer

The Volcano Classic vaporizer is like the grandmaster of vapes. Both beginners and experts envy it and look up to it as the gold standard of vaping. Controls are simple and the vapor is stellar.

Plug it straight into the wall and let its all-day power drive dense solo sessions or massive parties with zero hiccups.

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Best gifts for users on the go

The traveler is always on the move. They'll need vapes and accessories that are small but effective, and won't weigh them down. These are the perfect choices.

Our pickPlanet of the Vapes ONE

Small and super effective. That’s what the Planet of the Vapes ONE is all about. It fits snugly in the palm of your hand and takes up minimal space whether you’re strolling through town or exploring the great outdoors. With rich, potent vapor ready in 30 seconds and a suite of glass accessories at your disposal, the ONE is the perfect all-in-one vaporizer for sessions on the go.

Now: CAN$124.95

Our pickCrafty+ vaporizer

The Crafty+ takes Storz & Bickel quality and shrinks it down to a pocketable size with a single button and three fine-tuned temperature settings. Turn it on, wait for the buzz, and hit it. No screen or smartphone app required. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and stellar performance in one small, convenient package.

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Our pickArizer ArGo vaporizer

If you’re shopping for someone who’s always on the go and prefers a session out on the town than on the couch, the ArGo vaporizer will be a welcomed surprise. Along with Arizer’s signature quality, the ArGo comes with full temperature control, a removable battery, and even a built-in protective shell for the glass stem. For the traveler, the ArGo is a clear winner.

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Now: $159.95 (Original Price: $269.95)

Best gifts for the homebody

Give the gift of the perfect at-home session with these top picks. Each one is built to provide hours of sessions with zero hiccups and stellar vaporization.

Our pickMighty+ vaporizer

The Mighty+ is the closest thing to a desktop vape without the plugs. Controls are simple and its vapor is on par with most desktop options on the market. Its long battery life keeps you running for hours, but can be used while it's plugged in so you don’t miss a beat. It’s effective and reliable, which is all that matters when you’re ready for a session at home.

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Our pickArizer Solo II

Just like the Mighty+, the Solo 2 is a consistent performer. It’s proficient in slow, relaxing sessions that prize flavor and is built for the long haul. Sessions max out at three hours so you could literally vaporize for days on a single charge. It takes a while to fully charge, but you can use it while it’s plugged in after just 5 to 10 minutes.

Shop Arizer Solo 2
Now: CAN$159.95

Our pickArizer XQ2 vaporizer

The Arizer XQ2 vaporizer does it all and is perfect for the hermit in your family. It plugs right in and can be primed for smooth, all-day hits at home through its direct-draw whip attachment or cloudy balloons. Turn it on or off, set the temp, and even adjust its light settings from across the room with the included remote control. With a wide variety of accessories to go along with it, the Arizer XQ2 is a complete package.

Shop Arizer XQ2
Now: CAN$199.95

Best grinders

Grinders are a must-have and a key component to a great session and serious results. Get them one that's effective, built to last, and means business.

Our pickPOTV 4-piece Grinder

Check a must-have off their list with a quality grinder that's half the price of top brands. Our POTV 4-piece grinder twists and turns oh so smoothly and shreds your herbs up to a nice, even consistency. Not sure if that special person needs one? Don’t worry. You can never have too many grinders.

Shop POTV 4-piece Grinder
Now: CAN$34.95

Our pick Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder

Grinders are a must at any vaporist level so set them up with something reliable from the start. Santa Cruz Shredders are synonymous with high-quality grinds that are fluffy and consistent throughout, which is important for a great session. The 4-piece design shreds to the perfect consistency without guesswork and is built to last for ages.

Shop Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder
Now: CAN$72.95

Best storage containers

An an excellent session starts with excellent flower. Help them preserve their herbs with a durable, high-quality container that's built to last.

Our pick JyARz Classic

We all know that one person that’s walking around with a raggedy bag of herbs that looks like it’s been around the block one too many times. Liberate their herbs from this curse with a storage container that means business.

The Classic from JyARz is built tough and sustainably, and will keep their herbs in tip-top shape with a pure glass insert and tough outer shell.

Shop JyArz Classic
Now: CAN$24.95

Our pick JyARz Big PApi

This one’s “the Big Papi”. It holds up to a full ounce of dry herbs and keeps it all fresh with pure materials and a rugged construction. A borosilicate glass insert holds and locks in the sweet, herbal aromas for maximum freshness while durable HDPE plastic protects your herbs from the elements.

Shop JyARz Big Papi
Now: CAN$34.95

Best travel solutions

Hook them up with a with a dedicated carry case that's smell-proof, weather-resistant, and practical for those sessions on the road or around town.

Our pickSkunk Mr. Slick Smell Proof Bag

The Mr Slick smell-proof bag by Skunk Bags is a soft alternative to a traditional, hardshell case. It's soft and conveniently sized to fit a small portable vape like a ONE or DynaVap, a few tools, and even our Tightvac storage container. With premium, activated carbon lining and a double velcro enclosure, unwanted odors are contained and out of mind.

Shop Skunk Mr. Slick Smell Proof Bag
Now: CAN$23.95

Our pickSkunk Mini Backpack

For something a little more stylish , the Skunk Mini Backpack is slick and practical. You can fit any of our portable (and even a few desktop) vapes inside its multiple internal compartments with more than enough space for extra tools, accessories, or toys, and a carbon filter to keep the odors in. It even comes with a built-in combo lock!

Shop Skunk Mini Backpack
Now: CAN$76.95
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