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Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo Vaporizer

Introducing the POTV Lobo vaporizer…

The Planet of the Vapes Lobo was designed by experts to create the best vapor for any user…

Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo – designed by the team at POTV to bring exceptional vapor to the masses in a durable and compact form, the Lobo is a best-in-class vaporizer at an accessible price. We attended to every detail, poured over thousands of community voices, and combined that with years of in-house vape expertise to create our favorite vaporizer.

Designed to produce flavorful clouds of vapor, each hit is created through a dynamic hybrid heater and a silicone-free, isolated air path. This delivers clean, flavorful vapor that's rich and satisfying.

Although the Lobo is designed by vapor experts, it doesn't take one to get the best out of the vaporizer. The Lobo is simple to navigate, easy to load, and simple to clean. Premium experiences aren't just for high-end buyers anymore, the Lobo makes the whole process easier.

We want to stay balanced here, but the Lobo is something special and we are excited for our community to get a product in their hands that is a mix of everything they’ve always wanted and a few things they weren't expecting.

The POTV Lobo: a new, pocketable beast - only $159.95

Planet of the Vapes combined community feedback and innovative engineering to create a product that excels with killer performance, and is ripe with exceptional vapor and features that will please the enthusiast and warmly welcome newcomers.

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Here’s what sets this vaporizer apart:

You may not be swayed by fancy bells and whistles, and neither are we…

Top tier vapor. Half the price

Experience the unique, flavorful qualities of your herbal blends with every hit no matter where you are - for only $159.95. The Lobo takes a small, pocketable stance without sacrificing the strength and quality of a premium session. Vapor is strong and potent, yet smooth and flavorful.

Inhale the best: clean materials for the best performance

We’re all about the vapor. That’s why we designed the Lobo with only the best materials for the best experience.

  • High quality PEEK internals keeps the Lobo cool, lightweight, and won't tarnish the taste of your herbs.

  • A silicone-free, isolated airpath ensures a clean, pure extraction as the air enters your device and exits as exquisite vapor.

  • A 316L stainless steel heater provides consistent and accurate heat ups.

  • A titanium bowl heats up fast and maintains your temperature with precision.

  • The glass mouthpiece cools and maintains the flavorful integrity of the vapor as it travels to your lungs.

Consistent sessions, unrivaled strength and potency, and lasting performance is what the Lobo is all about.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer Clean Materials

Where glass meets vapor

Customize every session with a specialized glass accessory of your choice with our signature Glass Adapter and collection of accessories.

Combine the Lobo with our water pipe adapter and enjoy sessions through your favorite glass bubbler. If your main method of herbal consumption involves a tabletop rig, then you'll feel right at home when you combine it with the Lobo's strong sessions.Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer BubblerHit the road instead and take cool, comfy sessions wherever you go with one of our mini glass bubblers. These mini bubblers provide all of the benefits of a tabletop rig but condense it down into a pocketable glass experience in the palm of your hand.

Each one of our accessories offers their own unique experience so you can truly vaporize the way you want.

Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo Vaporizer Curved Mini Bubbler

Vaping made effortless

Stellar sessions aren’t guarded behind a steep learning curve. Fill the oven to the top and slide the glass adapter into place, choose your temperature, and take a hit when it’s ready. It’s that simple.

The POTV Lobo's dynamic heater combines conduction and convection heating to create smooth, rich vapor with every puff and a full extraction. Whether you want to take it light with small doses and easy draws, or hit it hard with a fully packed oven, this vaporizer is designed to cater to all your needs.

Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo Vaporizer Vaping Made Effortless

Stay fresh with an easy to clean design

A clean vape is essential for the best flavor and performance. That’s why we designed the Lobo to be extremely simple to clean and maintain, with only a few pieces to look after.

The dosing capsule is also designed to keep your vape fresher and cleaner for longer. Messes are contained within the capsule, and when it's time, all you need to clean is the capsule and your glass piece!

Plus all of the features we consider must-haves:

A collection of POTV and fan favorite features in one vape…

Battery that lasts, sessions that don’t quit + a swappable battery!

Keep the vapor rolling all day long with a reliable battery that grants up to 10 sessions per charge. And if it dies, don’t worry. We made sure the Lobo comes equipped with a user-replaceable battery so you never miss out on a killer session.

Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo Vaporizer Removeable Battery

A perfectly sized oven for both light and heavy users

Enjoy any sized dose with a .2g titanium bowl, carefully designed for both light sippers, heavy hitters, and everyone in between.

Easily load and unload your sessions with the oven’s wide diameter and easy access, or combine it with the included dosing capsule for a seamless vaping experience.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer Oven

Take the Lobo anywhere with its sleek, pocketable design

Enjoy phenomenal sessions anywhere with the Lobo’s compact design that fits easily inside your pocket or small purse. Its anodized aluminum shell and recessed, soft-touch buttons present you with a product that's sleek and durable, yet durable for sessions wherever you go.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer Sleek, Pocketable Design

Choose any temperature with precise and simple temperature control

Choose any temperature from 320°F / 160°C to 430°F / 221°C with onboard temperature controls.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer Simple Controls

Be in the know with a dedicated information screen

See your current and set temperature, battery life, remaining session time, and more on the Lobo’s easy-to-read display.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer LED Screen

In-depth settings to customize your experience

Swap from Fahrenheit to Celcius, change the session timer, and even flip the screen orientation for a more customized experience.

Introducing the Planet of the Vapes Lobo Vaporizer Settings

Charge anywhere with USB-C charging

Fill up and charge anywhere with a 5V/2.5A USB-C charge port, conveniently located on the side for easy access.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer USB-C Charging

Never miss your session with haptic feedback

Listen or feel for the Lobo’s quick vibration to let you know that your session is ready to go.

All of this at a competitive price

Our goal is to make exceptional dry herb vaping accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re bringing the Lobo in at only $159.95.

Introducing the POTV Lobo Vaporizer Lifestyle

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