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The miniVAP vaporizer first released in 2010 as a high end, fully convection desktop vape. From the mind of Jorge...

The miniVAP vaporizer first released in 2010 as a high end, fully convection, lab tested vape. From the mind of Jorge Fernandez in Spain, the miniVAP was a mythical beast at CAD$1,180 - out of reach for most. I was lucky enough to get my hands one of these unicorns in 2014 and the vapor quality was and still is some the very best I’ve personally experienced -- and I've used a LOT of vaporizers!

Over the last few years the miniVAP has been refined and the company behind it has been able to rework some systems and materials without losing an inch of quality to bring the price down to CAD$549, making it a real option for the serious vaporizer connoisseur.

miniVAP Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Connoisseur vapor quality

The miniVAP uses heat resistant teflon or glass and full convection heating that in my opinion allow herbs to taste their best. It comes with two different sized baskets allowing micro loads and as far as I can detect zero loss of flavor or efficiency no matter how much or little I pack. With this heat path, I’m able to taste herbal subtleties throughout my sessions, kind of like how a wine opens ups in the glass.

Full convection heating

The miniVAP uses a convection heating system that is totally separated from the loading chamber. This keeps the heat entirely away from your herbs unless you’re taking a draw, extending the flavor as long as possible. I’ve had some relaxing, hour-long sessions that would have been over in five minutes with other vapes because the miniVAP doesn’t rush me.

miniVAP Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Amazing efficiency

Most of the vaporizer industry is chasing turbulent air flow designs whether intentionally or not. The miniVAP, on the other hand, has been designed to use the smoother and more efficient laminar airflow to contact more of the surface area of your herbs for greater extraction. Simply put, I use fewer herbs with the miniVAP and I’m amazed at how much I get out of so little.

Lab tested for piece of mind

The miniVAP and the Volcano are the only two vaporizers I am aware of that have been submitted for independent lab testing. There is a difference between being told something is safe and the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the materials that come in contact with my vapor have been lab tested for safety at operational temperatures.

This testing is what first allowed me to consider teflon in my vapes. The teflon used in the miniVAP is rated for temperatures well above what the vape gets up to so there is no chances of off-gassing and the lab tests back this up.

miniVAP Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Longest battery life

When using the miniVAP as a cordless it is said the battery can stretch to six hours of run time. Because battery life is dependent on many variables, such as ambient temperature, the temperature setting used, and the amount and duration of inhales, I’ve seen a ‘real world’ battery life of between 4 and 5 hours. This is quite a bit more than any other portable on the market and about double the original miniVAP could do.

Again, calling this a portable is a bit of a stretch by today’s standards, but because of the size I get a killer battery life for any possible session, big or small.

miniVAP Vaporizer Battery - Planet of the Vapes

Size specifications

Height (as plug-in) 5.6 in / 14.2 cm
Height (as cordless) 8.2 in / 20.7 cm
Diameter 2 in / 5 cm
Weight (as plug-in) 7.2 oz / 250 g
Weight (as portable) 16 oz / 480 g
miniVAP Vaporizer Size - Planet of the Vapes
(Arizer Solo II - miniVAP - Arizer Solo)

Simple user interface

Controlling the miniVAP with its ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on either side of the body is simple. Hold both to power on and off and use each to turn the temperature up and down. The back light indicates the battery level and the front what temperature setting and when it is ready to vape.

miniVAP Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Temperature control

The miniVAP has four set temperatures to choose from that personally hit all my needs. Users usually land on one of the top two settings, while the lowest setting is for the flavor chasers looking for the longest lasting flavor. Ultra-low temp vaporists might not find what they are looking for here, but the 4 temperatures are more than enough to keep nearly all vaporists satisfied.

Temperature settings

190° C / 375° F
205° C / 400° F
220° C / 430° F
235° C / 455° F 

Heat up time

The latest miniVAP comes with the Quick Core Technology that heats up in half the time of the original. My unit got to 375° F in 75 seconds and to the top temp of 430° F in 3 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Glass or teflon?

The original miniVAP only came with a teflon core but years later, requests for glass cores came from those wanting more conduction in their vapor. Both units taste great, but the flavor in the teflon version lasts longer throughout the session. The teflon unit is for those who value taste more (like myself), while the glass version will provide more of the ‘high temp’ effects and feel that come from adding a little bit of conduction into the mix.


The miniVAP has a 2 year warranty on the unit and a 3 month warranty on the battery. Like everything at POTV, the miniVAP is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box?

miniVAP Vaporizer
Top Lid
Charging Dock
Charging Cable
Quick Start Guide
Carrying Case
Starter Accessory Pack:
Small Basket
Large Basket
Concentrate Pad
Filter Disc
O-ring Filter Disc
miniVAP Vaporizer What's In The Box - Planet of the Vapes

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and keeping the miniVAP in topnotch condition is simple and as to be expected. Only a few parts will really get dirty with use and those all can be thrown in some ISO for a nice soak and afterwards a rinse clean with warm water.  

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The miniVAP is a connoisseur’s vaporizer that will bring taste and efficiency to the table in spades. It can be packed several different ways, each with its own feel, so expect to play around a little bit to find your favorite flavor and heat profile. I like to add water filtration to the mix when using the baskets, but I don’t need this with a direct pack.

It’s the largest and heaviest “portables” around, so you won’t be putting it in your pocket or purse, but it's a great handheld cordless vaporizer for around the house with a battery that lasts so long you might forget to charge it! With the optional power adapter and different ways to pack, the miniVAP is extremely versatile and will fit the bill for a lot of needs.

miniVAP Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Who's the MiniVAP for?

Anyone who calls themselves a vaporist needs to have tried a miniVAP. I’ve used a few vapes that are in its class for taste, but none that are better, and the efficiency surprises me everytime time I come back to it. You also get the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your device has been lab tested for safey. And if long, leisurely sessions are your style, you won’t find a better companion.

Who's the MiniVap not for?

On the down side, the miniVAP is big, heavy and costs a pretty penny. So if you’re looking for something that is pocketable, heats up instantly, or is budget friendly I’m sorry you read this far!

Final thoughts

No vaporizer is perfect, the miniVAP included. While some will find it too big to consider, others won’t be able to stop using it because of its taste and efficiency. The miniVAP has gained a loyal following amongst vapor enthusiasts who use nothing else because of its versatility and top-tier performance. I love taking it to parties and barbecues because it looks great and impresses.

The miniVAP is like McIntosh stereo gear. It’s bigger, has its own style, but maybe not what is hot right this second, performs better than anything else you can get, and isn't cheap. You know that old stereo gear that is unapologetically big, calls attention to itself and then impresses? Like that. 

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