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PAX 3 & PAX 2 Big Price Drop & Changes

PAX 3 now has two different accessory kits, some color changes and available for as low as CAD$259, while the PAX 2 will...

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PAX 3PAX 2 Big Price Drop & Changes 

PAX Vaporizer lineup updated:  Lower prices, more options

Big changes are coming to the PAX vaporizer family. Don’t worry, the sleek ultra-portable vaporizer itself isn’t changing. Instead, the PAX 3 will be offered with two different accessory kits, with some color changes. The PAX 3 will also be available for as low as CAD$207.96, and the PAX 2 will come down to a very wallet-friendly CAD$159.96.

By diversifying, PAX is becoming a much more enticing vaporizer at every price point. For those just seeking a simple on-the-go solution for dry herb only, the PAX 2 becomes hard to beat at CAD$159.96, the PAX 3 Basic Kit makes some nice additions to what the PAX 2 offers at CAD$207.96 while the fully loaded PAX 3 Complete Kit is the choice for those that want the option to vape concentrates and includes a bunch of useful accessories at CAD$255.96.

*NOTE* For a limited time, the PAX 3 will be available in the Glossy finish for CAD$255.96 with everything that is included in the Complete kit minus the carrying case.  And the PAX 2 will be available in 4 colors with a 10-year warranty for CAD$159.96.  Once these items sell out, they are gone and this post reflects how PAX is changing their lineup, even though some of the old options may be available for a limited time at reduced prices.

PAX 3 fast facts

  • 2 Different accessory kit options
    • Basic Kit CAD$207.96
    • Complete Kit CAD$255.96
  • New matte finish is replacing the original glossy finish
  • Rose Gold & Teal colors added to the line up with Gold discontinued
  • Same 10 year warranty

PAX 2 fast facts

  • Now CAD$159.96
  • Only available in Black and Silver
  • Now 2 year warranty

PAX 3 Complete Kit for dry-herb & extracts

The PAX 3 vaporizer carried a CAD$360 launch price, with a full swath of accessories, mouthpieces, extra screens, half-pack lid and a concentrate insert. That price is now dropping to CAD$255.96, with a stylish tweed carrying case thrown in, which will be sold as the PAX 3 Complete Kit.

The Complete Kit is definitely the right choice for users looking to use extracts with their PAX 3, or for those plan on buying a few accessories anyway. And it could be considered the best value in the whole line up adding over CAD$130 in accessories compared to the PAX 3 Basic kit or PAX 2.

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Basic kit has you covered

If you want to save a little cash, and don’t plan on using extracts, the Pax 3 Basic Kit for CAD$207.96 is a solid option. It includes any of the four PAX 3 color options, a cleaning and maintenance kit, charger, and the flat and raised mouthpieces. It is identical to the vape found in the complete package, minus some of the accessories.

PAX 3 Matte Black - Planet of the Vapes

Glossy is out, matte is in

The PAX 3 originally dropped the PAX 2’s brushed finish for a glossier, polished look. It gave the already swanky PAX an even more premium feel, but the smooth surface didn’t help hide the dents and scratches that come from carrying a device in your pocket.

PAX is now updating the look of the PAX 3 with a new matte finish that’s a bit more toned-down than the glossy version and will be available in four colors: black, silver, teal, and a rose gold.

PAX 3 Teal Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Gold is gone, rose gold is back + teal is here

As part of the stylistic changes to the PAX 3, the available color palette has changed. The regular gold is gone, replaced by rose gold with the updated matte finish, which was originally a limited edition, but is now a standard color. The teal color featured on the original PAX 2 has returned as well but now on the PAX 3, in a slightly darker hue, with silver and black rounding out the updated look.

PAX 2 price drops to CAD$199

The PAX 3 Basic’s price drop puts it at odds with the PAX 2 vaporizer, so the older model’s price is coming down as well. The PAX 2 will only be available in two colors, black and silver, with a cleaning kit, charger, and the raised and flat mouthpieces, for CAD$199.

A shorter warranty for the PAX 2

The PAX 2’s warranty is also dropping from 10 years to 2 years, a more standard length for the price point. That’s just for the new PAX 2s, and any purchased before will still have the 10 year warranty honored. The PAX is a solid device, and it’s unlikely you’ll need the warranty.

Though the 2 year warranty is longer than most at this price point, if a longer warranty is a concern, the CAD$60 upgrade to the PAX 3 Basic Kit includes a 10 year warranty, along with a number of other benefits

PAX 2 colors simplified

Along with the price drop and shorter warranty for the PAX 2, we’re seeing a more simplified color line up with just Black and Silver available and blue and red departing.

Lower prices, more choices

This shift in the PAX vaporizer line up is one that put the stylish vaporizers in a very competitive position across many different price points and makes their premium vaporizers available to those that they may have been out of reach before.

At CAD$319, the fully loaded PAX 3 Complete kit delivers a lot, making it more competitive on price against it’s high-end competitors, including the Firefly 2 and DaVinci IQ.  At CAD$255.96, the PAX 3 Basic kit, delivers a premium, intelligent vaporizer at a very affordable price. And with the PAX 2 available for CAD$159.96, PAX has a portable vaporizer that will match most vaporists needs within their budget.

There’s more…

We kept it simple here and just focused on the big stuff. If you’re looking for a little more insight make sure to check out our in depth coverage below...

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