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PAX 3 vs. POTV ONE: Portable Vaporizer Comparison

PAX 3 vs. POTV ONE: Review & Comparison

Check out how these two small but powerful vapes stack up against each other!

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PAX 3 vaporizer vs. POTV ONE vaporizer: Your comparison

This is your comparison video. We polled social media, scoured over 1,500 reviews, and surveyed our Customer Service Department to find out what you think of two of our most popular vapes. The PAX 3 and POTV ONE vaporizers are both ultra-portable with potent vapor, but which is right for you? Read this blog and watch the videos to find out, and even help your friends along the path, as well!

How to use the POTV ONE

You’re about to find out why the ONE has quickly become one of our best selling vaporizers. It’s incredibly small, hits like a tank, and has unmatched versatility. Everything you need to know about your session is right on the vape’s screen, with no need for an app. Instantly switch your sessions from on-the-go to a desktop rig. You’ll love using the POTV ONE.

Planet of the Vapes ONE

Planet of the Vapes ONE

$124.95 Regular price: $139.99

The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer is small, affordable, and hits like a champ!

  • Ultra-pocketable
  • Satisfying sessions
  • Great accessories - add a bubbler!
  • Easy to use and share
  • Affordable
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

How to use the PAX 3

The PAX 3 is wildly popular for a reason. It’s easy to use, with consistent results, and goes absolutely anywhere. The high tech features packed into the smartphone app seriously change the sessions. It’s my go-to vape for afternoons on the beach. Watch along as we demonstrate what life is like living with the PAX 3, and to find out what heating mode might pull you in.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Onyx

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Starting at $207.96 Regular price: $259.95

The PAX 3 is wildly popular for a lot of reasons:

  • Ultraportable - goes anywhere
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use and share
  • High-tech features
  • Large oven - holds a lot!
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

Major similarities


Both of these vaporizers are incredibly portable, and small enough to comfortably conceal in your hand. They're surprisingly tough, durable enough to throw in a bag or purse without worry. Both heat up within 30 seconds, have vibration feedback, and a concentrate option that’s great for occasional use.


These vapes excel with dry herbs, but heavy concentrate users should look elsewhere for a satisfying daily vape. They both get dirty really fast, and throwing in dry herbs after a sticky session will only worsen it. Keep your herb and concentrate usage separate if you prize cleanliness.

The mouthpieces on both vapes also come with their own obstacles. The PAX 3 mouthpiece can get hot on longer sessions. It also houses the power button, so your fingers touch where your mouth goes. The ONE’s mouthpiece is’t without issue. Sometimes they come out of the box a little too tight or too loose, but we’ll replace them for you.

Major differences


The PAX 3’s battery excels compared to the ONE, and its massive bowl is one of the biggest available in a portable vape. The restrictive airflow makes it ideal for those who take small sips throughout a long session. The downside is a price that’s twice as much as the ONE.


The ONE, with a three-minute timer, extracts quicker and more fully than the PAX, and has more air flow. If you want to blow through a bowl, the ONE will get you there quicker. The ONE is a great value, at only half the price of the PAX 3 Basic Kit, and only 40% of the price of the PAX 3 Complete Kit.

What Stickstones thinks

Both of these vapes are stellar options, but for me, being a vapor first guy, I prefer the ONE. Conduction vapes can’t keep up, and it excels on glass. For the heavy vaporist, it’s definitely the way to go.

What customers say

Our customers give the PAX 3 slightly higher rankings than the ONE. Both vapes scored a 4.6 out of five stars with over 770 reviews each, and both have the exact same number of negative reviews. At the end of the day, 82% of PAX 3 reviews were five stars, with 76% for the ONE, but the difference was in the three and four star reviews. The positive reviews for the PAX 3 were mostly five stars, while the ONE’s were spread more into the three and four star reviews.

Vape community chimes in

In case you missed it, we ran an Instagram poll for these two vapes, and we received almost 550 votes! The results were pretty close - 58% prefered the ONE, and 42% chose the PAX 3. This was a simple “pick 1” poll, without detail to the responses.

Final thoughts

Bottom line, there’s a reason both vapes are so popular - they’re punchy and travel anywhere. The PAX 3 is better at slower sessions with lots of sips, while the ONE is better for faster sessions with bigger hits. There’s no perfect vape, just the right one for time, place and person. Hopefully this post and videos helped you figure out which is for you.

If you have any feedback, or think we missed something, please let us know in the comments below!

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jerry stickstones

Vaporist, vape beta tester, vape reviewer. I like to vape, talk about vapes, and think about vapes. Sometimes I dream...about vapes.

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