POTV ONE Glass Guide

Read our ONE Glass guide to get up to speed on all of our glass attachments.

Glass pieces are great for gentler hits, refined flavor, and quality vapor. Take a look at our POTV ONE glass guide and grab the perfect piece for you!

Planet of the Vapes ONE Glass Accessories
From left to right: Curved Mini Bubbler, Straight Mini Bubbler, Water Pipe Adapter, Curved Glass Stem, Standard Straight Glass Stem, Dimpled Glass Stem

Dry stems for discreet flavor

To kick the glass party off, let’s start with our dry glass stems. The included straight glass stem is perfect for the user who wants the purity of glass without drawing much attention. It’s a step up from the standard mouthpiece, but with a straight shot from the oven, it might be too warm for some.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Straight Stem

The bent glass stem adds a subtle, but effective, level of cooling. Along with added length, the small bend in the glass creates more surface contact to further cool the vapor before it reaches your lips. These stems are a great blend of discretion and taste.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Bent Stem

The dimpled glass stem is discreet and low-profile like the straight stem, but cools the vapor even further with a maze of internal dimples that refine it as you inhale.

Planet of the Vapes ONE NEW Version with Dimpled Glass Stem

Bubblers for portable cooling

For better filtration and purity, consider one of our glass bubblers. They’re ultra portable, and far exceed the cooling of our dry glass attachments. Both bubblers perform similarly, but have their own distinct features. The curved bubbler provides a laid back hit, placing the stem right to your lips without moving your head or tilting the vape. Its cone-shaped taper let's you relax into a sipping style draw that’s hard to beat.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Curved Mini Bubbler

The regular bubbler offers more real estate for your lips, in case you don’t like sipping through a straw, and is a bit easier to clean. Both bubblers do a great job at cooling your vapor. It really just comes down to your hitting style and preferences. Each bubbler is spill proof and ready for travel.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Mini Bubbler

How much are mini bubblers?

Mini Bubblers for the POTV ONE are $19.95, available from planetofthevapes.com. The Curved Mini Bubbler is the same price, and much more popular. The Accessory Attachment that holds the bubblers are also compatible with other vape models, like the Healthy Rips Fury 2, Grindhouse Shift, and Sutra Mini.

Filling up your bubblers

To get going with your bubbler, add some water from the bottom of the stem. Use a light stream and let the stem fill to the top. The bubblers will drain the excess water and fill up to the perfect amount. If there's too much, blow in from the mouthpiece to get all the water out and start over. Pretty simple!

Water Pipe Adapter

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Water Pipe Adapter

We also offer a universal water pipe adapter (wpa) for those of you that already have some nice glass at home. It fits 10, 14, and 18mm ground glass joints, represented by each layer of the adapter, and can serve as a daily driver atop your favorite glass piece. Insert the wpa into the Accessory Attachment, drop the ONE into the female joint of your chosen glass, and have at it! Draw resistance won’t change, so hit your ONE like normal.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Water Pipe Adapter

Cleaning your glass

When your bubbler gets dirty or smelly, it’s time to clean. Take the dry stems and wpa and soak them in a small cup of rubbing alcohol. Grab the bubblers and fill them up to the very top with the alcohol. Cover the ends with your fingers and give them a good shake to loosen up any oils, and let them soak with the other pieces for a few hours.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Glass Cleaning

Once you’re done soaking, give them a thorough rinse in some warm water. Rotate and turn the bubblers every which way to get through all the glass channels. Blow out any excess water and set all the pieces out to dry. If you're having trouble getting stubborn water out, twist and turn the bubbler and blow hard from the top.

Our thoughts

As someone who loves using glass, the POTV ONE glass lineup knocks it out of the park. The mini bubblers add flexibility and diversity to your arsenal, and you can hand pick the type of vaping experience you want to have. Enjoying refined, effortless vapor on the fly makes it a go-to when I’m in a pinch. With the universal WPA, I can vape with the ONE on any glass piece of my choosing. Whether I want to take huge rips out of a big rig, relax with easy sips through a whip, or anything in between, I’m covered.

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