Give the Gift of Clouds this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Clouds this Holiday Season

Whether you’re shopping for the occasional smoker or a seasoned vaporist, we have the perfect gift lined up for you.

Help someone special ditch the smoke, and give the gift of vapor this season! Whether you’re shopping for the occasional smoker or a seasoned vaporist, we have the perfect gift lined up for you.

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Budget friendly

Our favorite budget vaporizer is packed with features, plumes of vapor, and just got a price cut down to CAN $139.99!

Vaporizer Holiday Gift Guide Planet of the Vapes ONE

The POTV ONE is quick, punchy, incredibly small, and easy on the wallet. We include your choice of extra cooling stems for free - try a bubbler for a different kind of session. This little vape is an excellent gift that won’t disappoint.

Also consider: POTV Starry

If you want to save a few more dollars, the POTV Starry comes with a similar feature set. It has a bigger oven than the POTV ONE, and a removable battery - one of our favorite features. The Starry is a little better for people who like to take short sips of vapor, instead of the big clouds the ONE can kick out.

Home powerhouses

If you’re serious about vaporizing, or always vape at home, do yourself a favor and get a plug-in vape.

Vaporizer Holiday Gift Guide Volcano Vaporizer

 Why not start at the top, with the new Volcano Hybrid? It has a large, half-gram sized bowl, and a big price tag that’s justified by the holiday season. This beast pushes out the strongest vapor we sell, and never gets tired. Go ahead and treat yourself, or someone suuuuuper special!

Also consider: Arizer Extreme Q

Wanna vape at home for the price of a portable vape? We’ve got an Extreme Q for you right here. This vape does it all with full digital temperature control, a whip or bag system, and multiple fan speeds. It even has mood lighting and a remote control!

Arizer portables

Arizer vapes are tasty with great battery life, and there are five portables to choose from, so let’s pick a couple.

Holiday Vaporizer Guide Arizer Vaporizers 

The Solo 2 is a best seller and an obvious choice, but our secret favorite is the ArGo. It’s the only one with a removable battery, all the features, and a glass stem that fits inside the vaporizer so you don’t have to carry it separately! The ArGo feels like the right grab, now that all the second generation Arizer portables are the same price.

Also Consider: Solo

The original Solo has the same vapor as the other Arizer vapes, but the lowest price. In fact, we’re hard pressed to come up with a better tasting portable vape for less money. It’s not pocketable, but the vapor is fantastic, and makes for a great at-home portable.

A PAX for everyone

PAX has been called the Apple of vapes, and looks the part, with sleek, colorful anodized shells and a minimalist design.

Holiday Vaporizer Guide PAX 3 Vaporizer

The best-selling PAX 3 vaporizer is a safe gift, with a great reputation and a 10-year warranty. It's is an easy choice, whether it’s for an occasional user or an every-day-carry. Don’t be fooled by the PAX 3's small size - it’s got a mean punch, with an oven that can hold up to a third of a gram, and a ton of tech under the hood. *Read up on issues with the app.

Also consider: PAX 2

The PAX 2 saves the day for all of us who prefer our money to the latest tech. Save $50, without losing on vapor, by limiting yourself to two color options and basic heating. It has a two-year warranty, instead of ten, but there’s little that can go wrong with this tough road warrior.

PAX 2 vs PAX 3: An In-Depth Comparison

Latest tech is legit

The latest tech this year is significant, and we have desktop and portable options that stand out.

Holiday Vaporizer Guide Volcano Hybrid 

Storz & Bickel recently upgraded their flagship Volcano vaporizer that’s dominated the industry for decades, and it’s called the Volcano Hybrid. It heats up quicker and extracts faster than the original, and comes with a whip as well as the bags. But the tech part is what will make any vapor nerd drool, if you can access the smartphone app. Heat programming features have us blowing up perfect, custom bags with more flavor and punch than before. *Read up on issues with the app.

Also consider: Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2+ recently debuted, with improved air flow, longer battery life, and a significant price drop. The on-demand heating, and slide-in-your-pocket size, make it so easy to take a quick hit anywhere, anytime, with a taste that’s as good as it gets. If $250 is in your price range, and you want to make a connoisseur impression, click here. *Read up on issues with the app.

Everyone should have a DynaVap

That’s right, everyone.

Holiday Vaporizer Guide DynaVap Vaporizer  

Lucky for us, DynaVap just gave us some new, beautiful colors to drool over - Phantom (grey), Rosium (pink), and Aurum (gold). Every metal part of these M’s comes to life in striking color. Armed with nothing more than a small torch lighter, you or that lucky someone can enjoy their herbs anywhere, and look good doing it.

Also consider: HydraVong

If wood is more your thing, look no further than Dyanvap’s HydraVong. It sports an offset airport and more airflow, to keep up with your favorite water pipe, but still gets the job done dry. Check out the Omnivong Hydra XL if you want to add variable air flow control.

Still not sure which vape (to gift)? Check out our comphrehensive Portable Vaporizer Buyer's Guide.

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